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Cheers to Talisman as it gets full brewing approval

Senovas wintermalting barley variety Talisman has been granted full approval for brewing bythe Institute of Brewing and Distilling.

The highestyielding winter malting barley on the HGCA Recommended List, Talisman has beenmoving through the industrys commercial testing procedure for the last twoyears, following its recommendation in 2013.

The latest resultsof malting and brewing tests, carried out by selected brewers and maltsters aspart of the official approval process, have been very positive and confirm thatthe variety has the desired characters to meet the industrys needs, saysJeremy Taylor, Senovas commercial director.

Talisman hasmet all of their requirements and shown itself to be suitable for the brewingprocess, he says. Its the news that many malting barley growers have beenwaiting for Talisman offers higher yields and improved agronomics overestablished varieties.

As the highestyielding winter malting choice, Talisman is also an early maturing two-row varietywith good disease resistance and standing ability. Having performed well onboth light and heavy soils, it is expected to be taken up by committed winterbarley growers looking to secure a malting premium.

Talisman is resistantto the common strains of barley mosaic virus, so it can be grown on all siteswith confidence, adds Mr Taylor.

He also pointsout that it has the best all round disease resistance of all the winter maltingvarieties, with 6s for Rhynchosporium, mildew and brown rust, and a 7 foryellow rust.

Added to itsgrain quality scores, which include a specific weight of 67.9kg/hl, a hot waterextract of 308.5 and a grain nitrogen content of 1.63%, the combined figuresshow the strength and versatility of the variety, he adds.

Talisman hasthe yield, agronomic characteristics and end market suitability that are neededin a successful malting variety, summarises Mr Taylor.

Seed will beavailable for autumn 2015 plantings and the variety will be on display at theCereals Event, in plots on the Senova stand and in the HGCAs variety line-up.


  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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