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What agronomists think about stubble management

As the cerealharvest continues in earnest, agronomists are planning their approachto stubble management, by recommending a total herbicide to eliminate importantweeds and to prepare for following crops. An independent survey of keyagronomists asked what was wanted from a stubble treatment and 70% of theseadvisors said they wanted to remove strategic weeds in the rotation (such asblack-grass), with 63% saying that they were aiming to remove early weedcompetition to help the next crop establish.

One individualquestioned in the survey said that Its a hygiene thing. It is important to doit right at the time so that you get fewer issues rolling over into the nextcrop.

The survey alsoindicated that there were some challenges to effective stubble management.Nearly two thirds (63%) of those interviewed said that the main challenge theyfaced was getting effective control of weeds. The second most importantchallenge cited was lack of time (42%). Once again an individual said Justgetting effective control although you have to do it, its about doing it rightthe first time. You dont get a second chance.

The manufacturerNufarm has developed a new formulation of glyphosate boosted by the addition of2,4-D, Kyleo.  It is not legal or indeedpractical to tank-mix these two actives together as a stubble treatment; yetthis unique coformulation, which has been made possible through the use of advancedadjuvant technology, delivers on several vital levels. Firstly it controlseverything that glyphosate does and more. In addition Kyleo controlsvolunteer oilseed rape, annual nettles, cranesbill, bindweed amongst otherbroad-leaved weeds. Secondly this formulation is faster than straightglyphosate and rainfast after just one hour, says Jon Staton of Nufarm.

When asked aboutKyleo itself, 84% of agronomists thought it was effective on weeds, 63% said ithad good speed of activity and 42% said that it had the ability to controllarge weeds.  One quote from the surveysaid about Kyleo was The knockdown speed is much quicker than anything else,so where its needed I will definitely use it. Another said it manages thosekey challenges, if youre in a bad situation, you can use it to help you out.

Jon Statonexplains that Kyleo brings together two important and well known actives.  But doing this hasnt been a stroll in thepark. It has involved a substantial amount of investment and development time,getting the right proportions of actives, the right pH balance and the rightadjuvant technology to make sure both components work to their best effect in aformulation that farmers can use easily. The surfactant actually enhances the performance, making the herbicide morelipophilic and more easily taken up by the plant and giving it fantasticrainfastness in the field. Our formulation technology is top rate and thelaunch of Kyleo is a testament to this.

Being effectiveon oilseed rape volunteers in stubble make it a no-brainer to apply Kyleo inthis situation, but it can also be very useful where there is a mix ofgrass-weeds and broad-leaved weeds in cereal stubbles. Kyleo is used from 3.0l/ha on annual weeds such as volunteer oilseed rape up to 5.0 l/ha on perennialweeds he says.


  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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