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New bakers dozen world record

A new unofficialworld record of just 15 minutes and 27 seconds to produce 13 loaves from fieldto plate was set in Essex on Friday August 7th 2015.

The recordattempt saw freshly combined Skyfall wheat turned into a bakers dozen of 1lbloaves over a minute quicker than the official world record of 16 minutes 30.83seconds set in New South Wales, Australia, in January 2013.

Organised byagronomy company ProCam and seed breeders RAGT at RAGTs wheat breeding stationat Ickeleton, near Saffron Waldron, the attempt will now be submitted toGuinness World Records for consideration.

Its a bit offun really, but there is a serious message behind it in reminding people of thecloseness of the link between our countryside and the food they eat, saysProCam technical director and chief baker for the day Dr. Tudor Dawkins.

At anotherlevel, it focuses the mind on the considerable effort now going into cropproduction thinking and technology to help growers produce crops that meet theprecise needs of consumers in the most cost-effective and sustainable mannerpossible for the future.

The new groupone wheat variety Skyfall was chosen because of its outstanding yield, qualityand milling properties with ProCam agronomist Drummond Scrase involved in thekey agronomy decisions to ensure optimum crop specification and maturity forthe attempt.

On the day,standing crop was combined and the resulting grain milled, made into asoda-based dough and then oven baked. The process was officially observed byDr. Sarah Cook from ADAS.

Simon Howell,managing director of plant breeder RAGT Seeds, says the company was delightedwith the result.

To beat theexisting record by over a minute, subject to confirmation, is fantastic. Tudorapproached us to see if we could help and we were only too pleased to beinvolved, as ProCam has been helping farmers across the country to ensureSkyfall delivers on farm.

Skyfalloriginates from RAGTs northern European wheat breeding programme and isconsidered to be a breakthrough milling wheat variety by many in the sector,thanks to its very high yields of high quality grain. So it was a veryappropriate choice for the record attempt.

Earlyindications in its first commercial harvest showed Skyfall was living up to itsbilling, Simon Howell adds.

Feedback fromfarmers and the seed trade has been incredible. One national seed company hassaid Skyfall is averaging 13.2% protein so far and is typically delivering10t/ha.

Another in theeastern counties said the variety was delivering protein levels betweenSolstice and Gallant, while producing very high yields, and another based onthe south coast reckoned the variety was averaging 13.2% protein.

Its fair tosay that all group 1 varieties are having a good year, but Skyfall has theadvantage of fantastic yield potential. So far, its certainly living up to itspromise on farms across the south and east.

Arrangements arenow been made to submit video footage of the process with timings so the attemptcan be formally considered for a new world record.


  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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