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New world record for OSR

Lincolnshire grower Tim Lamyman, has snatchedback his oilseed rape world record from the Kiwis with a phenomenal 6.7t/ha yieldfrom a crop of conventional variety Picto.

Mr Lamyman set arecord last August with a 6.14t/ha gross yield for Charger, only to see it beatenearlier this year by New Zealand grower Chris Dennison with a 6.31t/ha crop.

This years oilseedrape was in a better field and benefitted from a better nutritional package,but to smash the world record by almost 0.4t/ha is a major achievement.

The Pictolooked exceptional at late flowering and at harvest it stood well, was verythick and the best looking crop weve seen on the farm, says Tim.

Farming on theLincolnshire Wolds at Worlaby, Mr Lamyman selected Picto on the back of itsbetter resistance to light leaf spot disease, which has become more of aproblem on his farm over the last five years.

The record whichwas set on a 8.21ha field harvested on Wednesday, last week, was independentlyassessed by machinery consultants Bill Basford and David Pullen, who have beeninvolved with a number of other world record attempts.

Each trailerload was sampled and weighed at Glebe Farm, Belchford and weights were adjustedto take into account diesel consumption at the start and end of the four hourcombining period.

Working withagronomist Simon Shaw from Farmacy part of the Hutchinsons group he fed thecrop on a little and often basis utilizing seven foliar feeds over the year toavoid plant stress and keep the crop on target for a high yield potential.

Three foliarfeeds in the autumn ensured good establishment and a well rooted crop the lasttwo calcium-based foliar feeds of Calflux were applied with floweringfungicides flowering.  Ensuring goodcalcium supply to the seed helped with pod survival and produced bigger pods,he says.


  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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