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RL Winter Barley Harvest trials Results 10-08-15

There are thirteenwinter barley trial results from 2015, including two from Scotland, says AHDBCereals & Oilseeds. Average yields of control varieties achieved 10.75t/ha,beating the five year average by 1.32t/ha. This average comprises three lowyielding years from 20112013 and two higher yielding years from 20142015.There is however some variation between the sites in 2015 where the averageyield spans from 8.36t/ha at the Bainton site in Yorkshire, up to 12.05t/ha inHerefordshire. The two Scotland trials yielded 11.00t/ha and 11.67t/ha,favourable compared to 2015s average and to the English trials.

Six-row varieties

Six-row hybridand conventional varieties continue to perform on yield in 2015. The hybrid Volumetops the Recommended List at 107 per cent of the control varieties, followed byconventional six-row varieties KWS Meridian at 104 and Daxor 102. Candidatesix-row varieties, hybrids Bazooka (110) and Belfry (108) achieved impressiveyields, whilst the six-row variety, Verity stands at 104.  Limited information on specific weightsrevealed gaps between hybrids achieving specific weights, around 70kg/hlcompared to six-row conventional at around 67kg/hl. Although six-row varietiestypically attain greater yields than two-row varieties, dry spells of weatherin September better in 2014 may have affected yields.

Two row varieties

Two-row feedvarieties with the highest 2015 yields include KWS Glacier 101 per cent, KWSTower 101 and KWS Infinity 100. Two-row feed candidate varieties include Kathmandu102 and KWS Orwell 100. Retriever at 102 is also performed well, particularly inScottish trials.

Brewingvarieties are selected on end user requirement over just outright yield. Fullyapproved varieties Talisman 97 and SY Venture 94 also achieved in 2015sharvest. These compare favourably with Cassata at 90 and Pearl 87.

Five year average cautions varietal choice

When selectingvarieties, five year average values give a better representation of performanceacross different seasons. Two-row feed varieties have performed consistentlywell, including KWS Glacier 101, KWS Infinity 101 and KWS Tower 101.




  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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