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RL Winter Barley Harvest trials results 3-8-15

Harvest Results from a further threeAHDB Recommended List (RL) winter barley trial sites have been published. The latest results are from siteslocated in Cheshire, Hereford and Norfolk. The 2015 average is based on allseven trial site results published to date, says AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds.

Relatively strong control yields

The new data has added strength tothe 2015 control variety average yield which now sits at 11.12 t/ha. Thiscompares very favourably to the five-year average of 9.46 t/ha.

Six-row feed yield

The six-row hybrid feed varietiescontinue to achieve the highest yields with Volume at 107% of yield compared tocontrol varieties. The two candidate varieties Bazooka (110%) and Belfry (108%)are also performing well.

The six-row conventional varieties arealso performing well relative to the control varieties KWS Meridian (106%),Daxor (101%) and the candidate variety Verity (104%).

Two-row feed yield

KWS Glacier, KWS Infinity, KWS Towerand Cavalier lead the two-row feed yields of current RL varieties at 101%. Thetwo-row feed candidate varieties are also performing well with Kathmandu at102% and KWS Orwell at 101%.

Untreated yield

Based on three trial results,untreated yields also look relatively strong. The average untreated yield ofthe control varieties is currently 10.03 t/ha.

To date, KWS Meridian has the highestuntreated yield of the RL varieties (111%), while the candidate varietiesBelfry (114%), Bazooka (110%) and Verity (106%) are all performing well.

A pattern seems to be emerging inthese early results with six-row hybrid and conventional varieties achievinghigh untreated yields as well as treated.

Specific weight

Three trials have provided the firstspecific weight data for 2015. The two-row feed varieties have delivered goodspecific weights Cavalier (72.6 kg/hl), KWS Glacier (72.2 kg/hl) and KWSCassia (71.9 kg/hl).

The six-row feed hybrids have alsoproduced some good results Volume (69.7 kg/hl), Bazooka (70.1 kg/hl) andBelfry (69.5 kg/hl).

When it comes to brewing varieties,quality and market requirements take precedence over yield alone. Based on thelimited results to date, the fully IBD approved for brewing varieties Talisman(95%) and SY Venture (92%) have specific weights of 70.2 and 72.4 kg/hl,respectively.

Dont forget the five-year average

The 2015 yield values show theperformance of varieties this season. When selecting varieties to grow for thecoming season, the five-year average gives a better indication of varietyperformance over a range of seasons.

When looking at the five-yearaverage, two-row RL feed varieties which have performed well include KWSInfinity (102%), KWS Glacier (101%) and KWS Tower (101%).


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