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RL Winter Oilseed Rape Harvest trials results 4-8-15

Oil content from three oilseedrape trials in Hampshire, Norfolk and Oxfordshire has now beenanalysed, reports AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds. Yields are reported as a gross output, which is theseed yield adjusted for oil content.

The values are represented as a percentage of thecontrol varieties Vision, PR46W21, DK Cabernet and PT211. Oilseed rape trials can be more variable thancereals and care must be taken when drawing conclusions on limited data, says the organisation.

Good average gross output

The 2015 gross output value of 5.7 t/ha is abovethe four year average of 5.29 t/ha.

The Oxfordshire trial has produced a high grossoutput yield of 6.16 t/ha.

The 2015 gross output provides a snapshot as to howvarieties performed in 2015.

The four-year average values provide a betterpicture to variety performance over several years.

Variety performance

In 2015, at the three sites, higher yieldingvarieties include Arazzo (111%), Charger (109%), Avatar (108%), Fencer (108%),Incentive (108%), Harper (108%), V316 OL (107%) and Campus (107%).

Based on the four-year average values, the highestyield varieties to date are V316OL (108%), Incentive (107%), Charger (107%),Campus (106%), Arazzo (106%), and Picto (105%).

The clubroot resistant variety Mentor has a grossoutput of 102% which compares favourably with the established clubrootresistant variety Cracker (94%).

Gross output values for the candidate varietiesshow these new varieties are performing well on the four-year average values.

As more results come in, they will be added to this website and of course they can always be found at:  

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