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RL Winter Wheat Harvest trials – 17-8-2015

The first AHDB Recommended Listswinter wheat trials results for this years harvest are now in.

Reports from two trials a firstwheat from Lincolnshire and a second wheat from Suffolk indicate an averageyield of 8.9t/ha for 2015, a figure which is expected to change significantlyas more trials are harvested.

A range of quality varieties haveperformed well, with yields from across the nabim Groups comparing favourablyto the control.

The control varieties, used tocalculate a yield of 100%, are JB Diego, Gallant, Invicta, KWS Santiago andCrusoe.

Bread-making nabim Group 1s Skyfall,KWS Trinity and Crusoe came in at 103%, 102% and 101% of the control yieldrespectively, while new nabim Group 2 variety KWS Lili stands at 102%.

Of the new biscuit-making wheats,nabim Group 3 variety Britannia which may also be suitable for quality export yielded at 105% and RGT Conversion at 103%

The Group 4 hard feed varieties KWSKielder, Relay and KWS Santiago have performed well at both sites with arespective yield of 111%, 108% and 106% of the control varieties.

Soft Group 4 feed varietiesperforming well at the two sites include Leeds (110%) and Horatio (105%).

AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds Dr SimonOxley said: Its early days to make too many assumptions regarding varietyperformance in 2015. Although the current 2015 average yield of 8.9t/ha looksscant compared to the five-year average of 9.96 t/ha, we fully expect this willchange markedly as more data becomes available.

The picture being painted by theseinitial results is that growers can choose to grow for quality end-marketswithout sacrificing yield, an advantage that could prove valuable in this eraof low prices.

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