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Lincolnshire farm walk to showcase solution for problem fields

Host farm manager, Jim Beeden.

The potentialfor miscanthus to thrive in traditionally problem fields is being showcasedat a Lincolnshire farm at a Terravesta and Woldmarsh hosted event on 13thOctober.

In any arablecrop rotation there are going to be problem fields, according to Jim Beeden, managerof the host farm, Hackthorn, and Lincolnshire farms manager for FlagleafFarming.

Flagleaf Farmingis a group of farms in Lincolnshire, that provides men and machines to farm 10different farm businesses totalling 2,832 hectares. Of this we manage a total of102 hectares of miscanthus, growing on marginal land, the oldest of which wasplanted in 2006.

If theyre honest,a lot of arable farmers will be able to identify problem fields that arentmaking any money, says Jim.

To thosefarmers Id say be frank with yourselves, and look at how much those problemfields are actually making you. The money made from fields that are onlyyielding seven tonnes per hectare of wheat are going to be sapping marginsbecause the small profit they make will go back into the time and effort ittakes to farm that land.

The Terravesta andWoldmarsh hosted farm walk will showcase our set up at Hackthorn, Lincoln, andwill allow farmers to find out whether miscanthus is a planting option fortheir difficult fields.

Over this lastyear weve expanded so fast, adding a further 1,214 hectares to the land wemanage and contract farm, and weve planted up an extra 36 hectares of miscanthusin these new areas this year.

As weve grown,weve planted up more miscanthus, because its essential to our long term strategy.

It allows us tofarm the good land well, and make a profit on the poor land with the crop,because it thrives on it and requires very little time and input cost, hesays.

Jim has workedclosely with Terravesta, the miscanthus specialists, since 2006. Terravesta organises the supply of rhizome to plant the crop, and buys back the bales destined forbiomass pelleting, and it offers 10-year, RPIX-linked contracts.


Terravtesta and Woldmarsh hosted miscanthus farmwalk at Hackthorn  

Held by kindpermission of Jim Beeden

Date and time: 13thOctober 2015, 10.30am

Address: Hackthorn, Lincoln,LN2 3PQ

Format: Coffeeand registration, followed by a presentation from Terravesta, a tour of thefarm and a light lunch

Cost: Free

Bookings: Pleasebook online clicking on the orange sash on the home page, email Helen Holman on [email protected] or call AlisonFisher on 01522 731873 as this will help with catering arrangements.

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