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RL Spring Barley Harvest trials – 14-9-15

Harvest Results from eleven AHDB Recommended List spring barley trials are now in, reports AHDBCereals & Oilseeds. This week sees the addition of results from trials inShropshire, Herefordshire and the first from Scotland in East Lothian.

Average yield of the control varieties now stands at 8.84 t/ha, 1.32 t/ha above the five-year average (7.52 t/ha).

The yields from the two trials in the west of England, Shropshire and Hereford, are impressive with the mean of the control varieties (NFC Tipple, Concerto, Propino, Odyssey and Sanette) 9.78 t/ha and 10.40 t/ha respectively. The East Lothian trial also gave a very respectable yield of 8.86 t/ha across the control varieties.

Varietal performance

Malting varieties are selected on the basis of quality and end-user requirements, as opposed to yield alone.

RGT Planet,which was added to this years Recommended List and has provisional IBD approval for brewing, currently has the top yield (107%), seven percent above the older malt brewing variety Propino. KWS Irina, which is now fully approved for brewing, is also performing well (105%).

Olympus, which has provisional IBD approval for both malt and grain distilling, currently has a UK yield of 105%. It has done very well in the only Scottish trial harvest to date(109%) and it will be interesting to see how it fairs in the four Scottish trials that are still to come in.

Two dual purpose varieties are fully approved for both brewing and distilling: Odyssey (103%) is close to its five-year mean and Concerto (98%). There are two newer dual-purpose varieties with provisional IBD approval for brewing and distilling: Octavia has the highest yield (104%) with Sienna (102%) not far behind.

Of the feed varieties, Shada and Scholar are the highest yielding (both 105%).

The candidate varieties are ones that will be considered in November for possible inclusion on the next edition of the Recommended List. Of these, Laureate, which is under test by IBD for both brewing and malt distilling, is the pick of the bunch,currently heading the 2015 yield results with 108%.

Five-year average

The results from a single season should always be treated with caution and the five-year average,which is updated when new yield data are added, gives a more reliable representation of performance. At this time, RGT Planet (107%) remains the highest yielding with KWS Irina (106%) and Olympus (105%) also performing well.


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