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RL Spring Barley Harvest trials 22-9-15

Data from threeadditional spring barley trials in Scotland have taken the total number oftrials analysed to 13, says ADHB Cereals & Oilseeds.

Average yieldsof the control varieties now stand at 8.81 t/ha, 1.29 t/ha above the five-yearaverage.

Spring barleyappears to be mirroring the winter barley results, with high-yields recordedthis year compared to the five-year average.

The three new Scottishtrials average control yields range from 7.67 t/ha up to 9.04 t/ha.

The controlvarieties at the site in Lincolnshire achieved an impressive yield of 10.13t/ha, whereas a site in Norfolk only achieved a yield of 7.17 t/ha.


Maltingvarieties are selected on the basis of quality and end-user requirements, as opposedto yield alone.

The fullyapproved varieties for brewing and distilling include Odyssey (103%) andConcerto (97%).

Fully approvedbrewing-only varieties include KWS Irina (105%) and Propino (100%).

For thevarieties under test, two varieties for potential brewing and distillinginclude Sienna (102%) and Octavia (105%), while RGT Planet (107%) performedwell while under test for brewing.

Feed varietieswith the highest 2015 yields include Shada (106%) and Scholar (105%).


When selectingvarieties for next season, the five-year average values give a better representationof performance across different seasons.

Odyssey (102%), KWSIrina (106%) and Shada (106%) all show good performance, based on the five-yearaverage, for their respective markets.

Looking atcandidate varieties, the potential malting varieties Ovation and Laureate appearto be strong performers based on their five-year average yield (107%).

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