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RL Spring Barley Harvest trials 24-8-15

We now have the first spring barley harvest results from five trials for the 2015 harvest. The sites, are all in England, ranging from Devon and Hampshire up to Norfolk and Oxfordshire.

The average yield of the control varieties stands at 8.33t/ha, 0.95t/ha above the five-year average. Spring barley appears to be mirroring the winter barley results with higher yields recorded this year compared to the five-year average. Control varieties at the site in Hampshire achieved an impressive yield of 9.51t/ha.

Malting varieties

Malting varieties are selected on the basis of quality and end-user requirements as opposed to yield alone. The fully approved varieties for brewing and distilling include Odyssey (104%) and Concerto (94%). Fully approved, brewing only varieties include KWS Irina (104%) and Propino (101%). For the varieties under test, two varieties for brewing and distilling are Sienna (106%) and Octavia (104%), while RGT Planet is under test for brewing only (104%)

Feed varieties

Feed varieties with the highest 2015 yields include Scholar (105%) and Shada (104%). When selecting varieties for next season, the five-year average values give a better representation of performance in different seasons.

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