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RL Spring Barley Harvest trials – 29-9-15

There are now 16spring barley harvest results from the 2015 AHDB Recommended List trials,including three new trials from Yorkshire, Cheshire and Aberdeenshire, reportsAHDB Cereals & Oilseeds.

Average-yield of the control varieties now stands at 8.75 t/ha, 1.24 t/ha above the five-year average. Spring barley appears to be mirroring the winter barley results with high-yields recorded this year compared to the five-year average. The control varieties range from the site in Herefordshire achieving an impressive yield of10.40 t/ha, to the site in Aberdeenshire at 6.96 t/ha.

Specific weights of control varieties range from 66.9 kg/hl, from a trial in Yorkshire, up to71.9 kg/hl in East Lothian. Screenings are also good, averaging 1.8% through a2.5 mm sieve. More details on malting quality including levels of skinning are currently unavailable.

Malting varieties

Malting varieties are selected on the basis of quality and end-user requirements as opposed to yield alone.

The fully approved varieties for brewing and distilling include Odyssey (103%) andConcerto (97%) with fully approved brewing only varieties KWS Irina (105%) and Propino (100%) all yielding well.

For the varieties under test, two varieties for potential brewing and distilling include Sienna (101%) and Octavia (105%), while RGT Planet (107%), under test for brewing only, continues to yield well. Feed varieties with the highest 2015yields include Shada (106%) and Scholar (106%).

Five-year averages

When selecting varieties for next season, the five-year average values give a better representation of performance across different seasons.

Odyssey (102%),KWS Irina (106%) and Shada (106%) all show good performance, based on thefive-year average, for their respective markets.

Looking atcandidate varieties, the potential malting varieties Ovation and Laureateappear to be strong performers based on their five-year average yield (107%).

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