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RL Spring Barley Harvest trials 8-9-15

Harvest Results from seven AHDB Recommended Lists spring barley trialsare now in, including new results from three trials in Cornwall, Lincolnshireand Yorkshire.

Average yield of the control varieties now stands at 8.65t/ha, 1.19t/haabove the five-year average, reports AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds.

Control varieties at the site in Lincolnshire achieved an impressiveyield of 10.13t/ha, while a site in Norfolk yielded 7.17t/ha.

Varietal performance

Malting varieties are selected on the basis of quality and end-userrequirements, as opposed to yield alone.

The fully approved varieties for brewing and distilling include Odyssey(105%) and Concerto (97%).

Fully approved brewing only varieties include KWS Irina (106%) andPropino (99%).

Two varieties under test for potential brewing and distilling are Sienna(102%) and Octavia (105%), while RGT Planet, which is under test for brewingonly, achieved 107%.

Feed varieties with the highest 2015 yields include Shada (107%) andScholar (107%).

Five-year average

When selecting varieties for next season, the five-year averages give abetter representation of performance in different seasons.

Odyssey (for brewing and distilling) currently stands at 102%, KWS Irina(brewing) at 106% and Shada (for feed) at 106% of the five-year average yields.

Looking at Candidate varieties, the potential future malting varietyOvation currently has a five-year average yield of 108% with Laureate (107%)also performing well.

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