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RL Winter Barley Harvest trials 24-8-15

There are now 17winter barley trial results for 2015, from the south west of England up to Aberdeenshire.Average yields of the control varieties now stand at 10.42t/ha, which is 1.04t/haabove the five-year average. This average comprises three low yielding years in2011, 2012 and 2013 and two higher yielding years in 2014 and 2015, reportsAHDB Cereal & Oilseeds Dr Simon Oxley. There is some variation between thesites in 2015 where the average yield spans from 6.25t/ha, in Perthshire, up to12.05t/ha for a trial in Herefordshire.

Six-row varieties

Six-row hybridand six-row conventional varieties continue to perform very well on yield in2015. The hybrid Volume (106%) tops the table of the control varieties,followed by the conventional 6-row varieties KWS Meridian (103%) and Daxor (103%).Looking at the candidate six-row varieties, Bazooka (109%) and Belfry (106%)have put in some impressive yields. The as-yet limited information on specificweight shows a gap between the hybrids (70kg/hl) and six-row conventionalvarieties (around 67kg/hl). Although six-row varieties typically yield morethan two-row varieties, they may also have weathered the dry spell in September2014 better.

Two-row varieties

Two-row feedvarieties with the highest 2015 yields include KWS Glacier (101%), KWS Tower (101%)and KWS Infinity (101%). Two-row feed candidate varieties include Kathmandu (101%)and KWS Orwell (101%). Retriever is also having a good year (101%), performingparticularly well in the Scottish Borders, Fife and Yorkshire.

Premium Varieties

Brewingvarieties are selected on end-user requirement rather than outright yield. Thefully-approved varieties Talisman (96%) and SY Venture (94%) compare favourablywith Cassata (90%) and Pearl (88%) in the 2015 harvest.

Five-year average

When selectingvarieties for next season, the five-year average values give a betterrepresentation of performance in different seasons. Two-row feed varietieswhich have been consistently good performers include KWS Infinity (102%), KWSGlacier (101%), and KWS Tower (101%).

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