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RL Winter Oilseed Rape Harvest trials (North) 24-8-15

This report has new information for four Recommended Lists trials from Teesside, the Scottish Borders, Midlothian and Fife. Yields are reported as gross output, which is the seed yield adjusted for oil content, reports AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds. The values are represented as a percentage of the control varieties – Vision, PR46W21, DK Cabernet and PT211. Presenting values this way enables you to compare the performance of varieties at different sites and across years.

Oilseed rape trials can be more variable than cereals and care must be taken when drawing conclusions on limited data.

2015 gross output above four-year average

The 2015 gross output average from the four trials is 5.99t/ha across the control varieties in 2015, 0.84t/ha above the four-year average in the north.

Campus (108%), the quality oil variety V316OL (107%) and Anastasia (107%) have achieved good yields in 2015.

Looking at the four-year average values, varieties which have performed well include SY Harnas (111%), Anastasia (110%), Campus (110%), DK Explicit (109%) and V316OL (110%), a high oleic low linolenic (HOLL) variety. The four-year average values are a better reflection of variety performance than a single year’s data.

Candidate Varieties

Candidate varieties showing promise include Alizze (112%), Nikita (111%), Barbados (110%) and the quality oil variety V324OL (110%), a high oleic low linolenic (HOLL) variety.

Disease resistant varieties

The clubroot-resistant variety Mentor has achieved 105% in 2015 (103% in the four-year average). This variety is tested under conditions where the disease is absent, so its performance will be better understood when compared to susceptible varieties in high risk situations. Amalie, the turnip-yellows-virus-resistant variety, has a gross output of 98% in 2015 (97% in the four-year average).

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