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RL Winter Wheat Harvest trials 1-9-15

Ten winter wheattrials from England in 2015 make average yields of the control varieties now10.62t/ha, currently 0.44t/ha above the five-year average, reports AHDB Cereals& Oilseeds Dr Simon Oxley. Results to date include four new trials fromSuffolk, Norfolk, Essex and Kent.

The Suffolk siteachieved the best average yield so far with 12.95t/ha recorded for the averageof the control varieties. Control varieties used to calculate a yield of 100%are JB Diego, Gallant, Invicta, KWS Santiago and Crusoe.

Group 4s

Of the controlvarieties KWS Kielder is performing well (105%) with other Group 4 hard feedvarieties Evolution, KWS Santiago and KWS Gator all 104%. Soft Group 4 feedvarieties performing well include Leeds (102%) and Twister (102%).

Quality wheats

Yield alone isnot the mark of a good quality variety. However, yields of nabim Group 1varieties Skyfall (102%), KWS Trinity (100%) and Crusoe (98%) all lookfavourable.

The nabim Group2 varieties KWS Lili (101%) and Cubanita (101%) currently stand out, while Group3 biscuit quality varieties Britannia (103%) and Icon (103%) look particularlyimpressive on yield.

Five-year average

When selectingvarieties for next season, five-year average values give a better representationof performance across different seasons. At this stage, three Group 4 hard feedvarieties performing well are Reflection (105%), Evolution (105%) and KWSSantiago (105%).

Quality wheatswith good five-year average results are Skyfall (102%), KWS Lili (103%) fromGroup 1 and 2 respectively. Britannia (103%), a Group 3 biscuit wheat hasyields equal to many hard and soft feed varieties.

Candidate varieties

Looking to thefuture, it is too early to identify their quality performance but, on yield,the potential bread making variety KWS Siskin (108%) and the potential hardfeed varieties KWS Silverstone (107%) and Belgrade (106%) are performing wellagainst the control varieties in 2015.

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