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RL Winter Wheat Harvest trials – 14-9-15

The results of six more winter wheat trials have become available thisweek taking the total to twenty three. Six results are outstanding (mainly fromScotland) but are expected very soon, says AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds.

Control mean more than one tonne above average

Winter wheat yields this year have been impressive with the all-trial 2015mean (11.37 t/ha) more than one tonne per hectare above the five-year mean (10.34t/ha). The mean yield for second wheat trials is over ten tonnes per hectare (10.24t/ha).

Variety performance

The 2015 mean of controls (JB Diego, Gallant, Invicta, KWS Santiago andCrusoe) is 10.34 t/ha.

The Group 3 biscuit wheat Britannia has now joined the hard feedvarieties KWS Santiago and KWS Kielder as the best of the recommended varietieson 105% with Evolution, another hard feed, at 104%.

In the Group 2 bread-making varieties, KWS Lili (103%) has the highestyield with the Group 1 Skyfall (102%) running close behind.

The candidate varieties are ones that will be considered in November forpossible inclusion on the next edition of the Recommended List. Of these, KWSSiskin currently heads the table (107%) and is under test by nabim as apotential Group 2 bread wheat. Second in the table is KWS Silverstone (106%), ahard feed variety.

Early observations on quality

Quality testing is well under way and the early signs are that qualityis good with specific weights around 2 kg/hl higher than the five-year mean andHagbergs holding up very well. Proteins are similar to the long-term average.

Variety performance (201115)

The results from a single season should always be treated with cautionand the five-year average figure, which is updated when new yield data areadded, gives a more reliable representation of performance.

At this stage, three group 4 hard feed varieties are heading the table; Reflection,Evolution and KWS Santiago are all at 105%. Britannia is the highest yieldingGroup 3 at 104%.

Of the bread wheats, the Group 2 variety KWS Lili has the highest yield(104%) with the Group 1 Skyfall at 101%.

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