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RL Winter Wheat Harvest trials 24-8-15

There are six winter wheat trial results for 2015 so far. The average yield of the control varieties is 10.47t/ha, 0.32t/ha above the five-year average. The control varieties at the Suffolk site have achieved the best average yield so far with 12.94t/ha recorded. The control varieties are JB Diego, Gallant, Invicta, KWS Santiago and Crusoe, comments AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds’ Dr Simon Oxley. Yields given in this report are calculated as a percentage of the average of the control varieties’ yields.

Group 4 varieties

The Group 4 hard feed varieties KWS Gator (106%), KWS Kielder (105%), KWS Santiago (105%), Evolution (104%), Costello (104%) and Relay (103%) have performed well so far in 2015.

Soft Group 4 feed varieties performing well include Leeds (103%) and Twister (103%).

Quality varieties

Yield alone is not the mark of a good quality variety. Looking at yields of the quality groups however, the nabim Group 1 varieties Skyfall (102%), KWS Trinity (100%) and Crusoe (99%) all look favourable.

The nabim Group 2 variety KWS Lili (101%) and Cubanita (100%) currently stand out, while the Group 3 biscuit quality varieties Britannia (105%) and Icon (105%) look particularly impressive on yield.

Five-year average

When selecting varieties for next season, the five-year averages give a better representation of performance in different seasons. At this stage, Reflection, which has a claim for the new world record in Lincolnshire has a five-year average yield of 106%. Evolution (105%) and KWS Santiago (105%) also head the hard Group 4 feed varieties. Skyfall at 101% leads the Group 1 quality wheats on yield, and KWS Lili on 104% is at the top of the Group 2 quality wheats. Britannia (105%), a Group 3 biscuit wheat, has yields equal to many hard and soft feed varieties.

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