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RL Winter Wheat Harvest trials 8-9-15

Nine additional winter wheat trial sites have been analysed this week and results are based on all 17 trials harvested to date, which include sites from Kent up to the Scottish Borders, reports AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds.

To date, average yields of the control varieties in 2015 is 11.34t/ha. This is 1t/ha above the five-year average.

Based on the average of the control varieties, the top winter wheat yield of 14.54t/ha was achieved on the Leicestershire site (drilled on 1 October 2014 after winter oilseed rape). This was closely followed by the Teesside site with a yield of 14.26 t/ha (drilled on 25 September 2014 after winter beans).

Variety performance (2015)

The control varieties used to calculate a yield of 100% are JB Diego, Gallant, Invicta, KWS Santiago and Crusoe.

The Group 4 hard feed varieties KWS Santiago (105%) and KWS Kielder (105%) continue to perform well, as does Evolution (104%).

Soft Group 4 feed varieties performing well include Viscount (102%) and Twister (102%).

Yield alone is not the mark of a good quality variety. Looking at yields of the quality groups, the nabim Group 1 varieties Skyfall (102%), KWS Trinity (101%) and Crusoe (98%) all look favourable.

The nabim Group 2 variety KWS Lili (103%) currently stands out, while the Group 3 biscuit quality variety Britannia (104%) also looks particularly impressive on yield.

Variety performance (2011–15)

When selecting varieties, the five-year average values give a better representation of performance in different seasons.

At this stage, three Group 4 hard feed varieties are performing well – Reflection (105%), Evolution (105%) and KWS Santiago (105%).

Skyfall (101%) leads the Group 1 quality wheats on yield. KWS Lili (104%), a Group 2 quality wheat, and Britannia (104%), a Group 3 biscuit wheat, have produced yields equal to many hard and soft feed varieties.

Looking to the future and the candidate varieties, it is too early to identify their quality performance. In relation to yield, the potential bread making variety KWS Siskin (107%) and the potential hard feed variety KWS Silverstone (105%) are performing well.

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