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British Sugar Campaign Update December 2015

Update provided by British Sugar grower engagement manager, Simon Leeds:

“Now we are around half way through campaign, I felt it was timely to give you an update on progress. The crop continues to grow well into the winter, as we continue to experience unseasonably mild temperatures. Root growth over theSummer and Autumn was very good being unrestricted by water availability,probably remembered by the somewhat damp harvest. Sugar contents to date for the sites are shown below along with crop yields achieved from those growers who have completed their deliveries this season.


“Please do consider that the campaign will be 5-6 weeks shorter than last year. We are conscious that with many arable farms closing over the festive season, there will only be around 4-5 weeks in the New Year to lift and deliver the remaining crop based on current estimates. Predicted end dates are:- Bury St Edmunds Mid January, Wissington End Jan, Cantley & Newark – Early February.


2016 Sugar Beet Crop


“With further reductions in commodity crop values, together with reports coming in of vining pea contracts being reduced next year, we have been approached by a number of growers wanting to increase their sugar beet area for the 2016 season. If any of your clients, customers would like to take this opportunity to grow additional Sugar Beet in 2016 it is still available for those wishing to reduce their holiday amount, including those who have opted for the 100%holiday option. This will be paid at the full contract price of 20.30 per adjusted tonne plus haulage allowance (plus late delivery bonus if applicable)for all contracted tonnage.

For those wishing to put in an additional area, over and above their normal contracted tonnage, additional contract tonnage, paid at the full price (as above) is also available.


“Please note that tonnage in excess of the contracted amount in the 2016/17 season will be paid at 15.00 per adjusted tonne plus haulage allowance (plus late delivery bonus if applicable).”



To date Sugar Content

Finished Growers Yields

Bury St Edmunds


72t/ha (Adjusted tonnes)



78t/ha (Adjusted tonnes)



68t/ha (Adjusted tonnes)



69t/ha (Adjusted tonnes)

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