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Dow commits to double its turnover with strong product pipeline

Dow AgroSciences has committed to an ambitious growth strategy to nearly double its turnover within the next five to ten years, and enter the top three crop protection company rankings as its product development pipeline begins to bear fruit.

Speaking at a recent event in London, Eric Dereudre, Dows European Commercial Director highlighted the company’s commitment to British and Irish agriculture with the defence of existing chemistry and a bold pipeline of new products, some of which are nearing the market.

Dow AgroSciences, as a global business is in very good shape. Our pipeline of innovation and technology is probably the best it has ever been. This reflects significant investment made 10 to 15 years ago to transform the business, explained Mr Dereudre.

The announcement means that Dow has committed to delivering innovative new chemistry solutions across Europe for at least the next five to ten years. And a considerable number of these new products are destined for the UK and Irish markets.

Supporting Dows anticipated growth is the development of technology with new chemistry and new modes of action, which will help meet the increasing challenge of resistance to many established pesticides.

Mr Dereudre said: For us, innovation means evermore sophisticated chemistry. Our innovation applies to a wide range of areas that include formulation, packaging and manufacture.

Our commitment to delivering effective and sustainable solutions is truly comprehensive.

The speed of introduction of these new products will be governed in part by the regulatory process, which can take longer in Europe than elsewhere in the world.

Dows Managing Director for the UK and Ireland,Toni McEwan, went on to explain that the focus for new products for the UK andIrish markets will remain in the company’s three core crop areas; cereals,oilseeds and grassland.

Mrs McEwan said: Our vision for the UK and Irish markets is to deliver solutions that meet the real needs of the farming customers that we serve, along with supporting the channels through which we deliver our products and services.

We have strengthened our field-based sales team in every region, and committed to engage with leading farmers and market influencers, as well as the relevant agronomy and research centres. This new team helps us understand more clearly where the issues are that cause farmers most concern and brings their insight back to our research team.

Dows approach to new products, of branding active ingredients at the time of EU approval, means the company can confidently name three new actives which will enter the UK and Irish markets over the next few years. They include Arylex, a new herbicide, Isoclast, a new insecticide, and Inatreq, which will take Dow into the cereal fungicide market for the first time.

Products based on Arylex will be the first to market and will be available in the coming year. Isoclast is currently in national registration and is on track for launch in the near future, while Inatreq is in the registration process, but is a little further off from market.

Other actives will follow these three, and at the same time we remain committed to our existing line-up of products, stressesMrs McEwan. We continue to support our existing products through thee ver-changing regulatory landscape. This is an expensive commitment, but we believe it is part of our role as a long-term player, supporting the agricultural industries in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

Mrs McEwan cites propyzamide as an example of the company’s commitment to product support. Including continued development of its uses and engaging with stewardship that protects the future of this important product for oilseed production.

Dows bold growth strategy comes as it prepares to move its UK and Irish headquarters to new premises and facilities in Cambridgein 2016, putting the company right in the agricultural and agroscience heart of East Anglia.

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