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Market trend bucked by tractor manufacturer with 8% increase

Despite a challenging year for much of the global agricultural industry, which according to the AEA has seen the UK registrations of tractors over 50hp drop by nearly 15%, tractor manufacturer SDF has bucked the trend with an 8% increase in turnover in 2015.

The companys turnover outside the UK has gone up by 25%with Turkey reporting an increase of 6-7% in sales and in China where the companys average value tractors have seen a 40-50% jump. SDFs profit forecast for the year is 9% which is the same as the previous year.

The main reason for such a positive growth, despite global challenges that have beset the industry is due to being able to offer a greater range of tractors, including high power products.

A main focus for SDF in 2016 is to target the UK where it is hoped the new range of high horsepower tractors and larger combines coupled with technological developments and an improvement in production efficiencies at its manufacturing plants, could see a significant jump in market share.

As part of the groups ongoing international development and to better reflect the entire brand portfolio, SAME DEUTZ-FAHR has also officially changed its name to SDF. The launch took place at the group headquarters in Treviglio in December. The new name will be used for all the groups activities worldwide.

The typeface and the traditional symbol of the four intersecting elements on the corporate logo has also been modified. The new trademark will express the same content and values as the previous version, but is designed to reflect the groups structure and future development.

The change is not going to affect any of the individual brands or the administrative and commercial activities related to them.

  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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