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What is the role of precision dairy farming in improving business resilience?

The second annual Precision Dairy ManagementConference will take place on 17th March at the Westpoint Centre, Exeter, Devon.

Opening the conference is Nuffield Scholar DebbieMcConnell, from a dairy farm in Northern Ireland and working for AHDB Dairy whois exploring automating the dairy farmer. Her Nuffield will look into how far can we exploit the potential for precision technology on dairy farms, what are the current trends and what might we see in the future.

With recent pressures we often hear the term resilient farm business but what does this mean and what does it look like?Heather Wildman from Saviour Associates will look at this from an employee perspective, with a focus on motivating and inspiring staff.

After this we will focus on fertility and breeding with a look at breeding for genetic resistance to lameness and other diseases and what we might expect from future breeding programmes as well as producer Peter Cox, discussing how in-line milk progesterone testing is assisting him inbreeding and disease detection.

In the afternoon we will look at animal health with a discussion on automated body condition scoring using a 3D camera and Alastair Hayton from Synergy Farm Health talking us through the prospects of an alternative TB test which may reduce costs and improve accuracy.

Producer, Jack Munday will give an overview of his grass management policies specifically focusing on improving grass utilised perha.

Finally we will discuss the Horizon 2020 project that is being led by Innovation for Agriculture looking at Data Driven Decisions for Dairy Farmers, and how this is expected to help producers make the most of on-farm technologies.

Charlotte Johnston, Technical Livestock Advisor forInnovation for Agriculture says: Data collection and utilisation of data on that farm continues to be a point of differation for top performing producers.Being able to understand what is happening within your business in a fine detail will enable sound management decisions to be made in these increasingly volatile times.

For more information or to book a place visit or contact Charlotte Johnston at [email protected] or call 07779572598. The event is organised by Innovation for Agriculture and supported by Devon County Agricultural Association.

  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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