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Training delivers tangible benefits

Farm managers on AHDB’s Professional Manager Development Scheme are in complete agreement; training does work and more importantly delivers tangible benefits that make a difference to the longevity and sustainability of an agricultural business.

The third session of the fifteen month programme will take place on 29 to 30 November in Stratford Upon Avon, Warwickshire.  With only the first two sessions of this years’ programme under their belts, the eleven participating managers are already starting to benefit from what they’ve learnt.

Jayne Dyas, Head of Crops at the British Growers Association, said: “I’ve already made time savings to my daily work routine.  The course start was excellent, it’s so good to be able to share common issues with people of all ages, industry sectors, both male and female and the ability to laugh at the same time.  Can’t wait for the next session.”

In agreement is Matt Bere, Director at Fordgate Farm in Somerset, who said: “A great start to a course which has already challenged me and is making me question some of my current practices.”

Building on people’s previous experience and knowledge, each sessions is designed to encourage discussion within the group and explore a range of ‘real-life’ topics and scenarios.  Sessions cover topics such as leadership, self-development, motivation, planning, working efficiently, influencing skills and problem solving.

Tess Howe, AHDB’s Industry Skills Project Manager, said: “A strong, skilled workforce is vital to improve productivity and ensure the huge investment in research and development and innovation delivers real results at farm level.  Equipping those who have a position of responsibility on farm with the right tools and skills to improve business performance, reduce staff turnover and improve work-life balance will undoubtedly help safeguard agriculture for our future generations.”

Designed to challenge and develop the management skills needed in today’s constantly changing agricultural landscape, AHDB’s scheme, launched in September, includes ten two-day sessions throughout the year ending in December 2017. 

Delegates can expect to achieve a range of benefits from attendance on the programme, including improved production efficiency and subsequent cost savings, better communication between staff and a formal qualification: the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Certificate in First Line Management.

For more information on this course or to register your interest in future AHDB professional courses, contact Jackie Darlow on 024 7647 8966 or email [email protected].

  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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