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Winter Barley 2017 Harvest Results – 1/8

The winter barley trial results include sites from Cambridgeshire, Dorset, Cheshire and Morayshire.

The overall yield average from five trials in 2017 is 9.58 t/ha, contributing to a five-year average yield of 9.60 t/ha. Yields in 2017 therefore look to be performing similarly to the five-year average.

In 2017, the six-row hybrid feed varieties Belfry (113%), Bazooka (112%), and Sunningdale (111%) are all performing well, as is the conventional six-row variety, Funky (110%).

The two-row feed varieties with the top yields are California (107%), and KWS Orwell (105%) and KWS Infinity (103%). The 2017 season seems to have favoured California at a range of sites.

Two-row malting varieties are judged more on their quality than outright yield. Based on this information, Craft has a yield of 98%, Talisman 95% and SY Venture 92%

Using the five-year average

When selecting varieties for next season, the five-year average values give a better representation of performance in different seasons.  The six-row hybrids Bazooka (109%), Sunningdale (109%) and Belfry (108%) and the six-row conventional variety Funky (107%) are performing well. Looking at the two-row feeds, KWS Orwell (104%) Surge (103%) and KWS Infinity (102%) continue to headline on yield. KWS Creswell which is recommended for the north has performed well at 102%.

Five-year average results also provide a better measure of new varieties. The candidate six-row varieties are also achieving good yields in the five-year average figures, with Libra (six-row hybrid) at 107% and KWS Astaire (six-row conventional) at 108%. New candidate malting varieties compare favourably with established varieties based on the five-year figures, with Coref at 99% and Hiverac at 98%.

For full AHDB Harvest Results as they become available, visit the Harvest Results pages.

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