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All-new loaders and handlers to feature

LAMMA will provide visitors with the first opportunity to see the latest introductions and developments from Claas, including the recently launched Torian wheel loader and the new Scorpion telescopic handler range.

Torian – designed for agriculture

Unveiled for the first time at Agritechnica, the new Claas Torion is the first wheel loader designed for agricultural use. The Torian range covers a total of seven models in three different category sizes, which have been designed and built in cooperation with Leibherr.

The smallest Torion 639 and 535 models are powered by 68hp and 63hp Yanmar engines. Drive is through a two-range infinitely variable hydrostatic drive. The tipping load (articulated) of both models are 3.85 t and 3.45 t, and clearance height is less than 2.5 m. The cab and boom on both models are positioned for maximum visibility and the rounded rear window provides the operator with an optimum view to the rear when on the move.

The mid-range Torion 1511, 1410 and 1177 models are powered by DPS engines developing up to 167 hp and have Dynamic Cooling demand-driven engine cooling. All have a three-range hydrostatic Varipower transmission.

The engine is positioned low and well towards the rear, so acts as a counterweight and means that high tipping loads of 7.75 to 9.75 t are possible. All models feature Smart Loading, including a programmable bucket return function and defined lifting and lowering limits.

The largest Torion 1914 and 1812 models have efficient Liebherr engines with Dynamic Cooling that develop 228hp and 195hp and have tipping loads of 11.1 and 12.4 t respectively. The infinitely adjustable, power-split CMATIC transmission works with a combination of hydrostatic and mechanical drive, to achieve optimal efficiency in all loading and unloading operations.

The boom is available with either agricultural or Z-kinematics and can be equipped with a high-lift boom as an option, which can achieve loading heights of up to 4.64 m (at the pivot pin).

Scorpion – reaching new heights

Also introduced at Agritechnica, the latest Scorpion range offers greater handling performance, increased lifting capacity and new advanced driver-assistance systems, improved driver comfort and efficiency, along with improved safety and reliability.

New features include Dynamic Power engine management, the new Smart Loading driver-assistance system for fine control of the working hydraulics and overload protection, a fully automatic parking brake, controlled crab steering as a fourth steering option and an all-new cab configuration.

The new Scorpion range comprises 7 models with lift heights from 6.13m to 9.75m and load capacities from 3.5 t up to 5.6m. As before, all models are powered by Tier 4 compliant Deutz engines, which retains the well proven airflow system which has been enhanced by the addition of Dynamic Cooling which automatically regulates fan speed dependent on operating conditions. Drive is through either a Varipower or Varipower Plus transmission, which now incorporates an electronic parking brake and enhanced Smart Roading which automatically adjusts the engine speed when accelerating and once the maximum speed is achieved.

The cab has also been completely redesigned, and offers complete 360° visibility thanks to the new, lower mounted boom. The central gauges/indicating instruments have been bundled together in a 3.5” screen, so that the operator can see all the important machine statuses at a glance, such as the speed, steering type or level of hydraulic oil. From spring 2018, a 7” display screen that combines all these functions will also be available as an option. 

In addition to the standard front steering, all-wheel steering and crab-steering mode, the new Scorpion models all come with an additional fourth manual crab-steering mode, whereby the front axle can still be controlled, for instance when compacting the edges of clamps or moving along the walls of buildings.

Latest CEBIS Touch and CIS+ control systems

Included in the line-up of Claas tractors on display will be the latest Axion and Arion models featuring the new Cebis Touch and CIS+ operating systems.

The latest Cebis Touch display includes a large 12 inch HD colour screen via which all the main tractor functions can be quickly and easily accessed and changed by simply touching the relevant area on the tractor image in the centre of the screen, which then opens the relevant dialogue window. Alternatively, functions can also be accessed using the Direct Access button on the armrest and settings changed using the previous rotary/push + ESC button.

Settings for up to 20 different implements can be stored within Cebis and the CSM headland management sequences for the current implement can also be saved for future use. A total of 10 function buttons are now available and previous CSM headland settings can also be modified manually without needing to be re-recorded.

Other new features include the ability to freely assign the spool controls to any of the spool valves and the speed at which each spool valve delivers the required flow can also be changed. Priority can also be assigned to any spool valve, which will then maintain a constant flow rate.

Available on Axion 800 and Arion 600/500/400 range tractors, the new CIS+ operating system gives operators the option of being able to specify features such as electronic spool valves and the constantly variable CMATIC transmission, which previously were only available with the higher level Cebis operating system.

Using CIS+, the CMATIC transmission is controlled from the updated Drivestick in the armrest, which has proportional control, of transmission acceleration and deceleration.

The CMATIC transmission is controlled using the Drivestick, which can be used to manually intensify or reduce the engine braking effect and also incorporates a cruise control button for saving the current forward speed.

Functions such as flow rate and time control for individual spool valves are controlled using the rotary/push + ESC button. A maximum of four sequences can be recorded with the CSM headland management system and up to six electronic spool valves are available. Machines with Isobus can also be controlled using the Isobus interface and the F buttons, which can be individually configured with the required function.

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