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Several second wheat sites included in latest harvest results

Winter wheat treated yield results are now available from 27 AHDB Recommended Lists (RL) trial sites. The results include a relatively high number of second wheat crops. These results have contributed to a reduced average yield, reports AHDB. Based on the UK trial results to date, the average yield of control varieties is 10.56t/ha. This average is 0.67t/ha below the five-year average of 11.23t/ha.

2018 results

Yields are represented as a percentage of the control varieties. In 2018, JB Diego, KWS Santiago, Skyfall, KWS Siskin and Zulu are the control varieties. The yield average from these varieties is represented as 100%.

Results to date show that Group 4 hard feed varieties lead the way, with Gleam and KWS Kerrin at 104%. The highest-yielding soft Group 4 feed variety is Bennington with a yield of 103%.

Yield isn’t everything with quality wheats but the top-yielding nabim Group 1 bread varieties are KWS Zyatt and Skyfall (99%). KWS Siskin is the highest-yielding nabim Group 2 bread wheat (102%), while KWS Basset and KWS Barrel (100%) lead the nabim Group 3 biscuit yields.

Five-year averages

Based on five-year average yields, current good performers include the hard feed varieties RGT Gravity (104%), KWS Kerrin (104%) and Gleam (104%). The soft Group 4 variety KWS Jackal has performed particularly well (103%), as has the Group 3 variety KWS Barrel (102%), the Group 2 variety KWS Siskin (102%) and the Group 1 variety KWS Zyatt (101%).

The AHDB Recommended Lists, which are based on results from UK trials over several seasons, provide the best indication of variety performance.

2018 Candidates

Looking at the five-year averages, the soft feed candidates are performing well on yield: LG Skyscraper (106%), LG Interstellar (104%), LG Spotlight (103%), LG Sabertooth (103%) and SY Loki (102%). The hard feed candidate LG Jigsaw (102%) and the potential biscuit-making variety KWS Firefly (102%) and LG Rhythm (101%) are also performing well. Quality bread-making wheat candidate varieties in trial are KWS Extase (101%), LG Detroit (100%) and SY Medea (97%).

Full trial results can be accessed via the AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds website:

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