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Three new black-grass herbicides in development

ADAMA Agricultural Solutions UK has announced that it is developing a new range of herbicides specifically aimed at controlling black-grass in cereals crops.

The new ‘Alomax’ range of herbicides will include three formulations, all of which will contain three active ingredients and three modes of action.

“Black-grass remains one of the most problematic weeds within UK arable production, and one which requires growers to adopt an integrated management approach incorporating rotational and cultural control measures as well as the use of appropriate chemical solutions at pre- and post-emergence timings,” explains David Roberts, Herbicides Technical Specialist for ADAMA UK.

ADAMA UK Herbicides Technical Specialist David Roberts

“The added burden of herbicide resistance means that growers need to use a range of active ingredients and modes of action to provide effective and sustainable control. We are therefore very excited to be able to announce that we are currently developing three new herbicide products, each of which will complement ADAMA’s existing range of black-grass herbicides which already includes a diverse array of active ingredients including chlorotoluron, diflufenican, pendimethalin, flufenacet and prosulfocarb.

“Whilst a specific launch date has not yet been set, our technical and regulatory teams are working tirelessly to ensure the new products are available for use within the UK as soon as possible, and hope to be able to provide a further update in 2020.”

Visit the ADAMA black-grass hub HERE.

  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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