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Christmas Competition Answers!

Spot the difference solution :

Quiz answers : 

What colour does one company this issue claim to mean ‘vitality’? BLUE

Which equipment designer and manufacturer is offering ‘horses for hire’? KRONE

New to the list, this OSR variety sounds as though it might have quite a bite CROCODILE

Which company, more recently well-known for their fast cars, launched a tractor range at Earls Court in 1994? LAMBORGHINI

What character, created by Sir J.M. Barrie, was this prize-winning cow named after? TINKERBELL

This fruit likes to push grain CHERRY

Which potato handling specialist was established in 1975? DAVID HARRISON

The ‘three kings’ have been launched by which company? SUZUKI

What app, recently launched by a machinery company, sounds rather like a popular song by The Temptations? MYGEHL

This drainage product might conjure up images of a quality burrowing rodent MAIDWELL MOLER

How much did this 1965 Massey Ferguson 135 go for? £4,500

What tasty snack is supplied by this Stiffkey farm? Kettle Crisps

Thank you to everyone who entered the annual Farmers Guide Christmas Quiz and Spot the Difference competitions in our January issue. We had hundreds of entries, and a few of our lucky winners are pictured here.


  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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