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Vietnam offers promising export opportunity for pork

A recent report from AHDB suggests Vietnam could be a valuable market for UK export, with the country importing around £1.7 billion of red meat, equating to nearly a million tonnes of beef, lamb and pork.

As work is ongoing to secure market access for Vietnam, AHDB’s report forms the second part of its Country Focus series, aimed at maximising the opportunities once access is granted.

AHDB’s head of Asia Pacific Jonathan Eckley said: “Vietnam is potentially a key market for our red meat exports, with consumption needs far outstripping domestic production. Pork is by far the most favoured meat in the country but beef is growing in popularity, presenting further opportunities in the future for our red meat exports.

“We continue to work with Defra and other industry bodies to open the market for pork and we hope that once access is granted, shipments will begin immediately – adding to the already impressive volumes being sent to the Asian marketplace.”

According to the new report, the EU is a major supplier of pork to Vietnam, with imports coming from Poland and Germany, and Russia and the US also key suppliers. The report also looks at buying behaviours, projected growth in the economy and population, as well as consumer trends and concerns.

AHDB retail insight analyst Zoe Avison said: “The report shows that Vietnam has a vibrant economy and a youthful population that is increasingly experimenting with international cuisines.

“Meat consumption quadrupled between 1990 and 2018. Dairy consumption is also rapidly growing, particularly into foodservice with butter for bakeries and cheese for pizzas. Food safety is a key concern for Vietnamese consumers after a number of scares so British food has a great story to tell.”

A second report exploring opportunities in Canada – where the UK currently sends small quantities of meat – shows a significant increase in meat exports to the country last year, with exports of some cuts increasing tenfold. Price is a key concern for Canadian consumers and has been for several years, as well as keeping healthy food affordable. Convenience is also important in terms of meal options and shopping experience, the report says.

The reports follow previous editions on the US, China and Japan, which launched at the Oxford Farming Conference last year.

AHDB senior consumer insight manager Steve Evans said: “Understanding consumer trends in international markets is critical to long-term export success. AHDB’s Consumer Insight team have been working closely with the export team to provide a topline look at consumer eating habits and buying behaviour in these key target markets.

“British exports have a great story to tell and understanding the needs of consumers in target markets can help exporters identify the key consumer opportunities. For example, messages around food safety and production would resonate stronger in South East Asia than in the EU or north American markets.”

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