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Farm asks children for rainbows to raise money for NHS

Suffolk farmer Sophie Clayton is asking children to send in rainbow drawings to create a wrap for the farm’s new combine harvester, with £1 being donated to the NHS for every acre combined.

Christmas Hill Farm at Lakenheath in Suffolk said they wanted to do something special to take note of the NHS workers who are out protecting and saving lives.

A JustGiving page has been set up to raise money for NHS Charities.

Children are being asked to draw rainbows on an A4 sheet of paper, with their name and age written somewhere on the rainbow. The farm will wrap its combine in the drawings with a ‘thank you’ to the NHS on top.

In a Facebook post, the farm said: ‘You all know how hard farmers work to keep going during crises because without food, we would all suffer unimaginable woes. Well here we are. Farmers. Working hard all year round to feed the nation. Not a brilliantly money-making exercise but a lifestyle choice nonetheless.

‘We are going to wrap our new combine harvester in beautiful rainbows drawn by your children! We want to do something special and take note of the amazing work that the NHS is doing to protect and save our lives.

‘Can you imagine this brand-new shiny combine, plastered with rainbows from your children and a huge thank you to the NHS on top?

‘It will look wonderful and we’ll be proud to have it on our machinery fleet. Something to remember in years to come as the current pandemic fades away.’

Rainbows should be sent to: Sophie Clayton at Toggam Lodge, Newfen Gravel Drove, Lakenheath, Suffolk, IP27 9LN

The farm has become the latest to get involved with fundraising for the NHS, as frontline workers battle the pandemic. A 91-year-old farmer has now raised over £40,000 for the NHS by walking 91 times around his house to celebrate his birthday; while many others have ploughed ‘NHS’ into their fields. As well as the many farmers who are working overtime to deliver food to those who need it.

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