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Farmers create radish rainbow to thank NHS

Growers in Norfolk have found a unique way to thank NHS workers for their bravery during the Covid-19 pandemic, by creating a rainbow out of radishes.

Scott Watson, who farms radishes at G’s Growers in Feltwell, worked with his team to create the masterpiece out of 15,000 radishes.

“We were trying to think of our own way to say thank you for the incredible work being done by everyone in the NHS,” he explains. “We harvest well over half a billion radishes each year at Feltwell so it seemed the logical medium to create our artwork with.”

The team spent around half a day to take the red, purple and French breakfast radish grade-outs and some of the leaves to create the rainbow outside G’s Love Radish processing unit.

“It was a fantastic team effort and a fun project to get everyone behind in these difficult times,” Scott says.

The radish grade-outs used were a small percentage of radishes that are damaged by pests, harvesting and washing and they cannot be sold. “They make great compost though, so they were taken back to the field to feed next year’s crop,” he adds.

Late last year, G’s Growers was also involved in a ‘Radish Push’ fundraiser for a prostate cancer charity, which saw participants pushing a fleet of wheelbarrows, containing 47,000 radishes for nearly five miles.

  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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