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Farmtech’s tippers transport up to 26 tonnes of material

Slovenian tipper body specialist Farmtech constructs high-quality equipment, which runs continuous transports with heavy loads. The heavy-duty dump tipper, Gravis 2000, features Hardox 450 wear plate throughout its body, which Farmtech says is its ‘recipe for success’.

As farmers haul not only grain but also heavy soil and rocks, machines require the highest level of quality to ensure the equipment is durable.

“Hardox is a material that corresponds to all our needs,” says Miro Hajdinjak, development manager at Farmtech. “We have been using Hardox steel for many years, so we knew that it would be the perfect fit for the Gravis 2000. We decided to design the tipper body entirely out of Hardox 450, which gave an extra advantage.”

The most critical part is the floor, which is subject to very big loads. But the sides of the tipper body also need to withstand a lot of wear and tear. “Having Hardox in our tippers means we can use a thinner wear plate because it is stronger than other steel materials. A thinner, yet stronger steel, means reduced weight of the tipper, so end customers can increase the loads they transport,” Hajdinjak explains.

Road regulations specify a maximum weight for vehicles, so the more material the tipper can carry, the fewer trips it needs to make. Even with a payload of 26 tonnes, the end customer complies with vehicle weight regulations, reducing fuel consumption. The productivity of the Gravis 2000 is also boosted by the longer life span that Hardox steel offers.

The conical shape of Farmtech’s Gravis 2000 dumper body is made exclusively out of Hardox 450 wear plate. This ensures endurance in the face of demanding agricultural work, transporting dirt and large rocks, both off-road and on-road.

Being a Hardox In My Body customer programme member gives Farmtech an advantage in the market, as it is a guarantee for customers that the dump tippers are made out of high-quality steel.

“Hardox 450 ensures durability of the tipper trailer,” Hajdinjak says. “Buying a trailer with a body made of Hardox has many advantages. The life span is longer due to less wear and tear, and there is a bigger marketability because of the customer knowledge of the material.”

The recipe for the success of the heavy-duty dump tipper Gravis 2000 is the use of Hardox 450 wear plate throughout the model’s body.

  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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