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Helping farmers to bridge the biosecurity gap

Taking precautions against incoming vehicles, and keeping visitors to your livestock buildings to a minimum, are both an important part of protecting your herds from the spread of disease.

Teagle’s Tomahawk 500B Turbo Mill enables bedding material to be processed outside of buildings, reducing entry points for both vehicles and people. Distribution of the material (moisture content to 20 per cent) can be achieved through a fixed manifold system and/or 127mm flexible pipe, using a quick-fit connection to the Mill. The machine is remotely controlled by the operator using the latest Bluetooth technology from a maximum distance of 100m.

Having established itself as a specialist in the bale processor market, Teagle Machinery has a comprehensive range of products under the Tomahawk brand. This reputation has been developed from over 30 years’ experience, with machines operating in numerous applications in over 50 countries worldwide. Sales and service support is always provided on a local basis by an experienced network of dealers and distributors.

The Tomahawk 500B Turbo Mill is mounted on a tractor with a minimum of 120HP. The PTO drive connection with the tractor, operates the rotor of the mill and provides the power for the independent hydraulic system to a turbo fan. The independent hydraulic system is periodically cooled with an integral fan system which monitors oil temperature.

Once the tractor PTO is engaged, the integral high output turbo fan delivers precision milled material at a rate determined by the operator. The rotation speed of the Drum and the Turbo Fan can be adjusted by the operator during set-up.

The Mill offers a wide choice of screens from 8-50mm. The screen size enables the material to be processed to a specific length determined by the needs of each individual enterprise. The 1.5m diameter Drum can be configured for both round and rectangular bales.

The target market is principally pig and poultry enterprises, who use consistently short chopped straw as the main bedding material (also suitable for dairy cubicle bedding), with a minimum of entry points and contacts to reduce the risk of contamination as part of their biosecurity management.

For more details or to arrange a demo please contact Paul Curnow, sales manager for UK & Ireland, Teagle Machinery Tel: 07794 689899 or e-mail [email protected]

  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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