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Supporting British manufacturing

Evans and Pearce is a grain store specialist for grain conditioning fans and their tried and tested selection has options available to suit every grain store setup.

Bringing together equipment from manufacturers in Devon, Somerset, Lincolnshire and Suffolk, Evans and Pearce says it is proud of the grain cooling systems it has brought to the market over the past 50 years. No matter your preference for cooling grain this harvest, it has systems to suit a range of situations.

‘We have always believed in working with our suppliers as closely as we work with our customers,’ the company explains. ‘It is often suppliers that help us solve the sometimes-complex problems we are presented with.’

Its fan range is all manufactured by Air Control Industries (ACI) based in Axminster, Devon – a company Evans and Pearce has worked with and sold fans for globally since 1978. The robust fan construction has seen them used in demanding situations for cooling grains, peanuts, woodchip, horse bedding and even road plainings. Evans and Pearce has several 11Kw fans, installed in 2018, working in New Zealand for cooling superphosphate fertiliser.

Polycool ducting is manufactured by Polypipe Civils based in Horncastle, Lincolnshire. Evans and Pearce first worked with them in 1998, alongside ADAS to trial the product and ensure the slotted area of the proposed new duct facilitated the airflow needed for successful crop cooling. From humble beginnings the new plastic products gained a reputation for longevity and strength. With sales of Polycool pedestals now well beyond 25,000 since its launch, the merits of this type of duct are beyond doubt.

Polycool Laterals linked to the Evans and Pearce range of high output EV fans are finding favour particularly in large, deep stores where pedestals are not always practical.

Metalcool pedestals will always have a place in the range as certain growers will only use this type of duct. The Metalcool pedestals are OSR proof, so need no additional filter, they are very strong and more compact than their bulky plastic cousins. Metalcool is manufactured in Suffolk by West Engineering. They provide a wide range of spiral wound metal ducting and bespoke fittings. Over the years they have proven a strong partner, well equipped for the surprises that harvest presents.

Evans and Pearce says it is very proud of the long-term supplier links it has forged, especially now.  During the past few months, as in many industries, suppliers struggled with staffing levels and raw material supplies have fluctuated. The company says its suppliers have supported it in ensuring continued product manufacture and therefore supply to customers, and the company has reciprocated by settling accounts ahead of time to assist with cashflow.

The company’s long-term support of using British manufacturing has helped secure jobs in UK factories. Will your next purchase of crop cooling system, enable you to be able to say the same?

To discuss a crop cooling requirement, contact Evans and Pearce on 01935 850750 for information.

  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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