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How to log machinery checks the easy way

Faulty vehicles and machinery have been noted as key reasons for farm deaths and injuries in the past, which underlines the importance of finding simple, effective ways to ensure vehicles and equipment are well-maintained.

Smart Farmer, which was developed by farmer Marc Skivington, offers simple solutions to logging machinery checks and maintenance and servicing. Marc initially developed the app to help him with the management of his own machinery.

Since its launch at Lamma in January, Marc says the uptake has “blown me away”.

Farmers and other users of the system can ensure safe and well-maintained machinery by recording pre-start checks on their mobile phone. QR codes are used to identify machines quickly, while a traffic light system shows the state of your machinery at a glance.

Users can also view any ongoing raised and resolved issues, adding a photo to make a raised issue easier to identify.

The previous user can be identified and you can log the daily operational hours of the machine. Setting a service notification means you never miss a service on a machine with multiple users.

In the event of an incident, farmers can also easily provide reports to show they have carried out routine pre-start checks in line with current industry standards.

An option to print service reports was recently added, as well as a swipe function. The system can be used by unlimited users and machines, and with the sector becoming increasingly aware of farm safety, it can be used as a tool for planned preventative maintenance (PPM).

For more information, visit Smart Farmer online.

  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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