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Mis-labelled meat ‘slaughtered in Pacific Ocean’

A shopper in Plymouth was left bewildered when he bought a rump steak from a wholesaler, only to find the label said it was slaughtered in Kiribati, nearly 9,000 miles from the UK in the Pacific Ocean.

In a post on the British Farming Forum Facebook page, David Allwright described it as ‘utterly crazy’, explaining that he had bought the steak from Bookers in Plymouth but had left his reading glasses at home, so could not check the label until later.

Further investigation revealed there does not appear to be an abattoir in Kiribati and the mainland-based agriculture is only poultry.

After speaking to the store manager and butchery manager, he said he had been informed that the meat was in fact from Ireland and had been mis-labelled due to human error.

‘I have been informed this matter will be taken up with the person who did the labelling,’ he wrote. ‘The butchery manager also told me he was at fault for failing to check the label.

‘I have accepted a nice pack of diced steak for a stew I will be making later for free.

‘Finally as far as I am concerned this matter is closed.’


  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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