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‘Mindset and marketing’ – the key for new businesses

Tara Punter, who specialises in rural lifestyle and equine PR, says she is seeing a growing number of farmers interested in diversifying into holiday lets and camping.

As Covid-19 continues to impact the way we live outdoors, there is a growing appreciation for the Great British countryside. And as the prospect of overseas travel is fraught with potential complications, many more of us are opting for the ‘staycation’.

In light of the growing demand for British holidays, more and more farmers are looking to utilise spare land or buildings to create holiday destinations. Whilst starting up a new business is a creative and fulfilling endeavour, marketing and PR can be a challenging but essential part of its success or failure.

We spoke to Tara Punter, of Tara Punter PR, to find out more about good business opportunities in a pandemic, and the importance of effective marketing.

Tara, who specialises in rural lifestyle and equine PR, says she is seeing a growing number of farmers interested in diversifying into holiday lets and camping, particularly since the easing of the lockdown has allowed many of these projects to ‘unfreeze’.

“There has been a massive shift towards farmers purchasing shepherd huts and cabins. There is also an increasing appetite to support UK businesses and trade – people want to stay in the UK to experience the beauty it has to offer.”

She predicts that this will continue to grow significantly next year, so for those looking to diversify, this seems likely to be a good bet. Vineyards are another potentially lucrative market to get into at the moment, she adds.

When starting any new business, marketing and PR will be the key to getting it up and running, but it’s not always easy to know where to start.

“PR and marketing are so unique,” Tara explains. “A farmer’s zone of genius is working the land and caring for stock, so marketing can be a challenge. But so many farmers have such a good story that needs elevating and sharing, and sometimes help is required to understand how to go about it, and to gain the confidence to tell that story.”

When it comes to marketing, “anything new is powerful,” Tara explains – whether that be new services or products. In the current climate, any venture that supports Britain or the British countryside, is also a good avenue for marketing.

The key is to get people through the door with organic marketing, Tara says, as once you have that, you will gain online traction from people liking, sharing and tagging your new business.

Tara Punter PR is an agency with years of experience in the equine industry, and a passion for all things country and PR. Having graduated with a BSc (Honours) degree in International Equine and Agricultural Business Management from the Royal Agricultural University, Tara has a plethora of knowledge to help businesses grow.

The company offers PR, coaching and marketing, promising a range of packages that offer something for everyone. To find out more or book a complimentary discovery call, visit

  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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