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Taking the stress out of rural recruitment

The Agri-App team (l-r) : Florence Tavener (Business Development Manager), James Taylor (Managing Director and Founder) & Paul Taylor (Lead Mental Health Practitioner)

Recruitment can be a challenging process for employers and job seekers alike, which is why AGRI-APP was launched – to simplify this necessary part of working life, as well as playing a part in tackling mental health issues in agriculture.

Recruitment is an everyday necessity, helping people to take the first, or the next step in their career. It gives employers the opportunity to find the perfect fit for their team, helping to shape their business.

However, it can be a challenging, time consuming process for both parties. The job seeker will likely have to complete lengthy application processes, trawling through paperwork to highlight specific accreditations or certificates, and the corresponding dates they were completed. Not to mention browsing numerous roles advertised, applying and waiting to hear feedback.

On the other side, the business or employer will no doubt want a quick and easy method to grow their team and business, but they often face a complicated, daunting, and unfamiliar process to recruit. Or, they may even work with a middleman recruitment company, which can also be expensive and challenging.

How AGRI-APP works

Using AGRI-APP, job seekers can create their personal profile at no cost. They then can browse and apply, and their profile will be stored for businesses and employers to view and head hunt if they wish to. The job seeker can apply their profile to any other roles they wish to apply for without having to recreate it each time.

When a job seeker is shortlisted for a role, businesses have the option to send an SMS with one click that details the position, the business, and informs them that they can expect a call from the business representative, giving them time to prepare.

From the employer’s point of view, they are looking for something quick and simple to use. They can choose between different membership options, and will be able to create their business profile, allowing them to post vacancies and view applicants that have directly applied. Included in the 6 and 12 month membership options, businesses can also view the portfolio of job seeker profiles in order to head hunt the perfect person.

All job seekers’ profiles will contain the vital information needed for an employer to see if they are a possible fit for the role, and they can either shortlist the profile into their favourites whilst they view the rest, or contact straight away.

For businesses with multiple recruiters, all of whom are recruiting for separate positions, it can be complicated and difficult to manage. AGRI-APP, however, allows multiple users to have their own dashboard as part of the business profile, to avoid any confusion and keep things simple.

Student placements

Whilst the employer can post normal full-time and part-time roles, there is also a big focus for AGRI-APP on dedicated placement positions for universities and college students. Employers can post a placement role up to a year in advance to allow students and businesses enough time to find their ideal pairing. AGRI-APP is in correspondence with university and college careers teams across the country, to ensure students have the best first step towards their career and can use this platform to do so.

A strong focus on mental health

The other side of AGRI-APP surrounds the topic of mental health and has a sole aim of prioritising those that prioritise businesses; to help grow, develop, and support the ‘person’ as well as the ‘job’.

Mental Health in the agricultural, horticultural, and such sectors is a significant topic, with an overwhelming number of alarming statistics showing how necessary it is to raise awareness in these environments.

AGRI-APP have concentrated their efforts on trying to change these statistics, by reaching out and helping as many people as possible through their mental health and wellbeing workshops for businesses, universities, and colleges.

With a mental health practitioner as part of their team, they have created three tailored packages that focus on different aspects of mental health with a focus on agriculture and horticulture. They highlight the importance of recognising the signs of someone struggling with mental health, but also help to demonstrate and guide the participants through techniques to help manage things such as stress or anxiety.

Alongside the mental health and wellbeing workshops, AGRI-APP has created a learning and development portal on its website, with other workshops that virtually review topics such as ‘CV Tips’ or ‘Presentation Skills’.

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