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Triple-active herbicide for effective weed management

With the reduction in available herbicide actives making the control of grass weeds in winter and spring sown crops increasingly difficult to achieve, Tower – a residual herbicide containing a unique mixture of pendimethalin, diflufenican and chlorotoluron – offers arable growers easy access to a three-in-one solution which is capable of controlling a wide spectrum of weeds.

As a pre-emergence treatment with no varietal restrictions and both spring and winter wheat and barley as on-label crops, Tower is a unique ‘triple active’ residual herbicide which contains 300g/l pendimethalin, 40g/l diflufenican and 250g/l chlorotoluron. This combination of active ingredients provides an effective partner in programmes to control resistant strains of black-grass and has been proven to lift activity against resistant and non-resistant ryegrasses. It also has excellent standalone control of Annual Meadow-Grass, as well as better than 95% control of problem weeds such as Common Poppy and Cleavers. Tower’s key targets also include Mayweed and Common Chickweed.

Key to Tower’s efficacy is the reintroduction to the crop protection armoury of chlorotoluron which was withdrawn in 2010 having been regularly found in water sources. However, redevelopment of this important active ingredient by ADAMA has enabled chlorotoluron to be reintroduced (as part of Tower’s three-way co-formulation) to cereal herbicide programmes where it can be used on spring and winter sown crops.

For those parts of the UK where Annual Meadow-Grass (AMG) populations have increased and therefore threaten to delay the ripening of crops and to hinder harvesting efficiencies, the ability to control this key weed at all growth stages by combating early weed growth in both the winter and spring is becoming increasingly important.

Tower’s flexibility enables effective weed control either as a pre-emergence treatment or as an early post-emergence (GS 10-13) herbicide when it should be applied at a rate of 2.0 l/ha.

Tower’s trio of active ingredients also helps to manage broad-leaved weed resistance and gives proven residual activity against Cranesbill, Shepherd’s Purse, Dead Nettle, Speedwell and Pansies.

Tower can be used on winter wheat, winter barley, winter rye and winter triticale prior to pseudostem (leaf sheath) erect stage, and as a pre-emergence treatment in spring wheat and spring barley.

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  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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