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Award-winning innovations for the farming community

Nurse Tank – Tank Level to In-Cab Display System

Radio Data Networks (RDN) has won multiple industry awards for the company’s innovation in remote measurement, radio telemetry, monitoring, security, water supply, wastewater management and pollution control. It helps businesses work towards net zero on their farms, and to achieve the NFU’s overall 2040 net zero goal, as well as prevent fines from the Environment Agency.

The company’s entire design and manufacturing process is UK-based, enabling it to offer a comprehensive range of products and a fast, cost-effective bespoke design and build service, backed with over 40 years of experience.

Applications for agriculture, dairy, and agri-tech include: borehole level monitoring, flood alarms, service reservoir level control, irrigation control, sewer blockage alarms, nurse-tank sludge monitors, remote pump controls, pollution and spill containment systems (in drain valves), grain store temperature monitors and firewater control systems.

RDN’s solutions can operate in areas devoid of cellular coverage and RDN is the only company in the UK to offer solutions of this kind with the option of legal protection under a National Ofcom radio licence. Ofcom licensing not only means that operation is protected in law against jamming and interference, but RDN is also able to construct systems with a much greater operating power, which means greater distances, improved reliability, the ability to operate through forests, over hills, etc.

RDN’s solutions include:

  • Service reservoir – Measuring, controlling and automating reservoir levels in remote locations
  • Remote pump control – Automate pumps for irrigation waters, sludge, sewage in remote locations
  • Nurse tank – All in one Tank to Cab Level Display Systems for slurry and digestate spreading
  • Borehole monitors – Remote monitoring for depth, temperature, tampering/intrusion
  • Remote level gauges – Oil tanks, grain stores, water tanks and chemical stores
  • Pollution alarms – Alarm systems for chemical spills, oil interceptor high level alarms, tank overflow alarms, ground water leakage alarms, etc.
  • Automated spill and firewater containment – Oil spill capture, milk spills, chemical spills & firewater capture
  • Temperature monitors – Grain stores (cooling), poultry units, piggeries, horticulture, soil
  • Flood monitors – Roads, basements, storerooms, drains and rivers
  • Blocked sewer and drain alarms – Farm factories, farm shops, restaurants and public toilets, dairies and creameries, slaughterhouses
  • Automate irrigation flow valves

No power, no problem

Over 95 per cent of RDN’s solutions to date are battery operated. Many solutions have set industry records for operating from batteries including sensors, achieving up to a decade from a single cell.

Where applicable, RDN can also supply solar or wind-operated solutions and have a range of custom-designed boxes and pole mounts for fixing solar panels safely and securely.

One of RDN’s many solar power solutions

RDN’s communication advantage – Remote location? No problem…

The RDN advantage over cellular for communications is manyfold. With cellular in a state of flux over the 5G migrations and the withdraw of 2G, GRPS and 3G services, operating on RDN’s licensed radio spectrum offers considerable advantages.

Case Study – Leading UK Dairy Farm: Long range service reservoir link installation

  • Long term investment stability
  • Distances from 100m to 25km
  • No SIM cards to get lost, stolen or to manage
  • Greater battery life
  • Alarms able to wake and send distress messages in < 0.5 sec from triggering
  • Immunity from cellular network jammers
  • Unlimited number of messages
  • Automated health messages
  • Fixed fee

  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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