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Focus on nutrient availability for robust OSR growth

Getting OSR growing and away as soon as possible is vital. The emergence phase is the most vulnerable time for an OSR crop, as this is when it will face the most challenges from pests.

“Implement a robust nutrient management programme in order to ensure availability,” says Natalie Wood, Country Arable Agronomist at Yara. “Doing so will give your OSR crop the momentum it needs to get through the first phases of growth quickly and efficiently.”

We asked Natalie for actionable advice and insight on how to utilise micronutrients in order to achieve better OSR growth.

Natalie Wood, Country Arable Agronomist at Yara

Q: What are the foundations for effective OSR growth?

“Hopefully you were able to put some NPKS fertiliser down when drilling. If not, do so as soon as possible. Otherwise, you risk delaying crucial growth.”

Q: What should be done at the 2-4 leaf stage?

“An application of micronutrients is a good way of keeping momentum going. The oilseed crop can put a lot of biomass on over a short space of time if conditions are right. This means there is the potential for the crop to deplete micronutrients in the soil.”

Q: What is the most efficient way of applying all the required micronutrients?

“Use a multi-nutrient, crop-specific product, ideally one that contains Mg, Mn, Ca, B, Mo and a small amount of nitrogen. All of these are essential for oilseed growth.”

Q: What results can we expect to see?

“The results are certainly noticeable. We have run trials over the last five years comparing applying a multi-nutrient solution in the autumn and the spring. We saw an average yield benefit of 0.33t/ha. Using August prices for oilseed, this ends up delivering more than £100/ha – a significant return on investment.”

Don’t underestimate micronutrients. An effective programme can help your OSR crop get off to the best possible start and, ultimately, superior results.

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  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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