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Know the yield from your field

Precision agriculture has seen extremely rapid growth over the last few years. Between 2018 and 2023, the global market value is expected to almost double from approximately £3.89 billion to £7.30 billion.

Advocates of precision farming will see greater support for their approach, as smart data tech offers more and more functionality that can prompt noticeable results on the farm. With farming being increasingly focused on ROI (return on investment) rather than yields, the pressure is on farms to be smarter and more focused with their efforts and avoid pouring unnecessary resources into areas that ultimately don’t reward it.

“Precision agriculture relies on tools and data in order to make the best possible decisions,” says Piers Costley, Director at Farmplan, the leading supplier of software specifically designed for the agriculture sector. “Those tools are becoming stronger and stronger each year. Precision agriculture, backed by connected data technology, has the power to deliver better results on farms across the UK.”

In Europe, around 70-80% of new farm equipment sold now includes some form of precision agriculture technology. In the next decade, we’ll see data and analytics take an even stronger role in determining the most lucrative course of action on farm, and farm businesses will achieve stronger outcomes with fewer resources as a result.

Make informed decisions with Gatekeeper

Do you want to know how your fields are performing to assess re-purposing for the future?  Get even more value from your in-cab equipment when coupled with Gatekeeper and its powerful mapping and precision farming tools.

Data gathered from your combine for example, can help you gain a better understanding of performance and problem areas and trends, helping you to push yields and production efficiency for future growing seasons. Gatekeeper software can help you record, manage and analyse this essential data to enable you to derive real meaning and make informed decisions.

Ollie Scott, of Thelveton Farms in Norfolk, uses captured field data and Farmplan’s Gatekeeper software to make more informed decisions.

He said: “I have added the farm mapping and precision farming modules to my Gatekeeper, and am getting to a point now where I have a really good baseline of yield data to start making more informed decisions with.

“The integration of Gatekeeper with such a wide range of other data is great, so alongside my yield and application data, I can view all my soil scanning that we have had done on the farm too.”

Until the 30th September 2020, you can save almost 50% on Farmplan’s precision farming offer, providing you with the opportunity to take your field performance to the next step. Contact the team on 01594 545000 or [email protected] to find out how Farmplan can help you.

  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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