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New interactive map of Enzootic Abortion of Ewes

Ceva Animal Health has launched an interactive map to demonstrate the threat of Enzootic Abortion of Ewes (EAE).

Launched as part of Ceva’s ‘For Flock’s Sake – Vaccinate!’ awareness campaign, the map uses data from the company’s on-farm testing for Chlamydophila abortus, the bacterium that causes EAE.

According to the data, the disease is present across the UK, though cases may be much higher as the map is only based on farms that the company has tested positive for the bacterium.

Positive cases are recorded by country on the map so that farmers can check for EAE in their locality. It will be updated regularly as new farms test positive.

EAE is the most commonly diagnosed cause of abortion in UK sheep, costing the industry up to £20 million annually.

Infection is primarily spread through the aborted material and reproductive fluids of infected ewes – and the bacterium can be shed for up to three weeks after abortion. There are, however, many ways that EAE infection can enter a flock, Ceva says.

“Our new EAE interactive map will be updated on an ongoing basis and will be a useful tool to ensure that farmers are up-to-date with EAE cases throughout the UK,” comments Stephenie Clarke, product manager at Ceva Animal Health.

Ceva manufactures the Cevac Chlamydia vaccine – a live attenuated Chlamydophila abortus strain IB vaccine for active immunisation against enzootic abortion in sheep. It protects against enzootic abortion in non-infected ewes and ewe lambs, and helps to reduce excretion.

Click HERE to view the map.

  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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