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The UK’s first Virtual Ploughing Match, Machinery Show & Steam Rally

Due to the new government restrictions on social gatherings, many of the remaining ploughing matches have been called off for this Autumn. VPlough ’20 have had a number of requests to extend the judging date to enable more time to join in.

The organisers have also taken this time to consolidate some of the showing classes whilst adding different categories, including vintage and classic commercial vehicles, motor vehicles, military vehicles and even motorbikes.

Whilst the decisions the many Societies and Associations have made are of course sensible and necessary, these events offer a great social time for many, and the events will be sorely missed by competitors and supporters alike.

Many of the organising bodies raise a great deal of money for local and national charities as well, without this vital source of funding from events and fundraising efforts, all 23 Air Ambulance Charities have seen their income plummet over the past months, and so VPlough has been designed to fill part of that void and help them to continue to provide a vital service nationwide.

VPlough is a fully virtual event that will allow visitors to see all the competitors work and interact with them and each other.

Entrants will be able to select the air ambulance charity they want to send their entry fee to and the name of that charity will appear under the entry once it goes live on the website.

The event will be judged virtually by a team of experienced and knowledgeable judges and awards given for best in class, and while the event cannot replace a real ploughing match, the organisers hope it will be a fun event to participate in, as well as raise money for the much valued air ambulance services.

Entries for the Ploughing Classes and Machinery Showing Classes are now OPEN so there is no need to leave the tractors and ploughs in the shed this year!

Judging will take place on 31st October 2020 and Cash Prizes awarded to the winners

Farmers Guide are sponsoring the Best Turned Out – Vintage Tractor Class!


  • Written by: Farmers Guide
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