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Built to perform, designed by you

Househam Harrier

Since its launch in 2018, Househam’s high-capacity Harrier self-propelled sprayer has been a firm favourite among operators facing demanding workloads.

It was developed specifically to meet the needs of professional operators and Househam’s engineers worked closely with customers to deliver a high-output sprayer that places performance, efficiency and comfort at the heart of its design.

At its core, the Harrier has a single-piece, lightweight chassis that gives it a low centre of gravity and even weight distribution, ensuring it remains stable on challenging terrain. Careful engineering has kept unladen weight of the whole machine to just 8500kg, and A-frame axles offer generous 1m ground clearance for minimising crop damage.

Power comes from either a 228hp or 240hp Stage 5 MTU engine, which is teamed to a robust hydrostatic drive pump located in a sound-proofed casing. The standard transmission offers a 40kph top speed, but there’s the option of upgrading to the HITS version which ups this to 50kph.

For increased productivity and efficiency, the sprayer is fitted with a six-cylinder Altek pump, and there’s the option of 4,000-, 5,000- or 6000-litre tanks in either GRP or stainless steel. A 30-litre stainless steel induction hopper ensures fast and efficient filling and the fully-enclosed spray pack means there’s minimal exposed pipework.

The machine’s neat design also gives customers a wide choice of booms, with a dual-fold 13/24m (42/78ft) option and tri-fold in four sizes from 28-36m (92-118ft). Optional Norac height control also ensures the boom is kept in the optimum position for effective application.

Long hours in the field become less demanding thanks to the comfortable, spacious and superbly appointed Category 4, ROPS-approved Excalibur cab. The panoramic cab features full climate control, high-back Grammer air-suspended seat, cool box, DAB radio and CD with Bluetooth, plus electrically adjustable mirrors.

Operators benefit from Househam’s precision spraying technology as standard, including the unique TMC (Total Machine Control) system with Fieldmaster GPS mapping.

TMC is Househam’s intuitive, easy-to-use, touchscreen console that provides fingertip control of all the machine’s functions. The TMC is the main interface for setting up the spraying system, featuring Househam’s Spray Pilot auto steering and FieldMaster GPS mapping system, which offers precise control of application rate.

Individual Nozzle Control (INC) and Auto Nozzle Select (ANS) also offer improved accuracy and reduced overspray, particularly in irregularly shaped fields.

Derbyshire operator

For Derbyshire-based arable farmer and spray contractor Nick Forman, the ability to cover ground quickly – both while spraying and when traveling by road – is crucial for making the most of favourable weather and ground conditions.

Since 2004, Nick has had a series of five Househam machines and is currently running a second-hand Spirit alongside a 12-month-old Harrier. These sprayers work on his own 80 hectares of cereals and oilseed rape in South Derbyshire, plus his contract spraying business Forman Contracting.

At busier times of year, Nick can hit peak work rates of 180 hectares per day and in order to keep on top of his workload he needs to maintain an average of 100 hectares per day.

“As a contractor I’m always conscious that I need to be totally accountable for the work I do on behalf of my customers,” Nick explains.

“Not only does that mean being able to get the job done as quickly as possible before the weather turns, but also making sure the products I’m applying go on as accurately and efficiently as possible.”

To reduce the amount of wasted time travelling between fields, Nick’s Harrier is equipped with the optional HITS transmission, which increases the top speed from 40kph to 50kph.

“I spend as much as three to four hours of each spraying day travelling to and from customers’ yards, moving between fields or going backwards and forwards to re-fill the spray tank,” he says.

“That’s a significant chunk of time that I’m not actually spraying and a part of the job I wanted to improve. The ability to cover road miles at 50 kph makes a huge difference and makes a standard 40 kph gearbox feel painfully slow in comparison.”

The intelligent transmission system can also be programmed to automatically regulate forward speed. “For normal spraying conditions I set the working speed to 12.5 or 13 kph to maintain an accurate spray pattern and flick a switch at the end of each pass to automatically select a slower speed for headland turns,” he says.

“It’s a simple way of ensuring I’m always working at the optimum speed to ensure full crop coverage and allows the sprayer’s engine to run at the lowest possible revs for the work being carried out.”

The sprayer is also equipped with Househam’s individual nozzle control system which reduces chemical usage by up to 10% compared to a more basic section control system. “As a contractor I’m always conscious that I need to be totally accountable for the work I do on behalf of my customers,” Nick explains.

“Not only does that mean being able to get the job done as quickly as possible before the weather turns, but also making sure the products I’m applying go on as accurately and efficiently as possible.”

The Harrier’s hands-free steering system, intelligent speed control, individual nozzle controllers and automatic boom height controller also enable him to work accurately without making the job too complicated or tiring.

“That in turn enables me to work longer hours when time is really against me and I can easily work for 12-15 hours a day, seven days a week without too much trouble.”

More than 40 years of experience

Since 1970, Househam has been creating innovative new crop spraying systems incorporating ground-breaking new technologies. All are based on the same principle and vision: to design and build advanced sprayers that help customers achieve healthier crops.

As a leading independent manufacturer and supplier of crop sprayers to professional growers throughout Europe, Househam is actively working to bring British-built, high-quality machines to customers around the world.

From the entry-level Spirit to the highly versatile Air-Ride, latest-generation Harrier and high-capacity Predator, Househam sprayers combine cutting-edge design and technology with precision manufacturing to deliver maximum performance, efficiency and productivity. 

For more details about the Harrier or Househam range contact us today 01400 276050 email: [email protected] or visit:

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