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2022 Yamaha range revealed

Yamaha has launched a new range of all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and recreational off-road vehicles (ROVs).

2022 Yamaha range.

Credit: Yamaha.

Yamaha have new special editions of the Kodiak 450 and 700 ATVs are both available with two-tone paintwork and alloy wheels, whilst the Grizzly ATV can now be specified with exclusive graphics and 27-inch Zilla Maxxis tyres on 14-inch cast aluminium wheels.

For the first time, Yamaha is offering customers the opportunity to specify their own ATV and ROV using a digital configurator. “The configurator enables customers to personalise a Yamaha product by choosing accessories and paintwork options. Once happy with the specification the customer can request a quotation and share it with a dealer of their choice to source their vehicle,” explains Yamaha ATV manager William Kay.

Yamaha 2022 range.

Credit: Yamaha.

The Yamaha Kodiak 450 ATV features diff lock as standard on all-electric power steering (EPS) models and Ultramatic transmission, throughout the range, which maintains tension on the drive belt to provide a consistent throttle response. The rider is also able to automatically switch between 2WD, 4WD and diff lock settings with the push of a button.

Yamaha has committed to fitting Warn VRX 25 winches as standard on all Kodiak and Grizzly ATVs. The 15-metre winch has a 1,134-kilo pulling capacity and a rocker switch mounted to the handlebar. “We are also one of just two manufacturers offering a tracker free of charge on all new ATVs,” says Mr Kay. “A Datatool Stealth S5 device will be supplied free of charge with new ATV models to offer farmers safety, security and peace of mind,” he adds.

Yamaha keeps its unique design

Yamaha 2022 collection

Credit: Yamaha.

Yamaha has kept the unique compact design of its ATVs in the new models to offer farmers machines that are easier to manoeuvre in, and through, tight spaces. “We understand farmers need a stable ATV, but we don’t believe this should come at the cost of versatility. It is important that an ATV can go anywhere, and our streamlined design enables riders to pass through tight gates and operate in small spaces,” says Mr Kay.

The new 2022 ROV range includes the Viking three-seater which has a 686cc engine, switchable 2WD/4WD, electric power steering and a tipping cargo bed that can carry loads up to 272 kg. “ROVs are an economical way to transport both people and goods around a farm and are growing in popularity,” he explains.

The new four-seat Wolverine RMAX has a high-performance 998cc engine, hydraulically assisted tilting cargo bed and a heavy-duty Warn 2,000-kilo winch. “The Wolverine is both practical and comfortable and is an excellent tool for a diverse farming operation, especially those that have diversified into farm leisure,” he says.

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