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John Lumb

Farmers Guide is the BEST farming magazine in the whole country!

Farmer, Yorkshire
Geoffrey Warman

The Farmers Guide is a lot more interesting than other magazines, with much more for sale!

Contractor, Suffolk
Jonny Kerley

Best day of the month is when Farmers Guide lands on the doormat!

Crop Trial Specialist, Cambridge
R J Greenbank

This is the best magazine I have ever had. Cancelled Farmers Weekly and Farmers Guardian.This magazine is well focused and positive in its approach to farming. Excellent reading.

Farmer, North Yorkshire
Michael Richard Bell

Please do not change anything in the Farmers Guide. It is perfect in every way.

Farmer, Essex
David Drew

Farmers Guide is better for machinery than Farmers Weekly and Wrights Farming Register.

Farmer, Norfolk
David Wright

This is the best farming magazine in the UK!

Farmer, West Sussex
Ian Roy

Still the BEST farming magazine for the arable farmer and the one I most look forward to receiving.

Farmer, Norfolk
Peter Godwin

The Farmers Guide coverage is extremely comprehensive and diverse - plus it’s the right price!

Farmer, North Oxfordshire
David King

The best piece of mail to come through the post every month!

Farmer, Buckinghamshire
Lee Burton

I’ve bought and sold using Farmers Guide in the past. It makes for handy reading and always keeps me in the loop. Really, it tackles everything.

Farmer, Essex
Tom Ellis

I get a lot of farming magazines come through my door each month, but Farmers Guide is the best one. In fact, it’s the only one that ever gets read front to back!

Farmer, Shropshire
Phillip Kidner

As soon as Farmers Guide comes through my door, it’s a must read. I’d say of all the magazines there are at the moment, it’s the most in touch with what is happening in the world of farming that there is. I always look forward to the joke too!

Farmer, Norfolk
Phil Nichols

Farmers Guide is a brilliant magazine. I’ve been receiving it for five years now and can’t do without it. The classified section is the best there is by far.

Farmer, Gloucestershire
Dan Schwier

Farmers Guide is a very good magazine. There’s such a good range of stuff in there, especially in the classified section, and the articles are always very well written.

Farmer, Cambridgeshire
John Sowersby

Farmers Guide is always on the ball and the first to every story. It makes excellent reading and I love the fact it is free!

Farmer, East Yorkshire
Colin Manning

There’s something for everyone in Farmers Guide. It’s a very good magazine. There’s lots of colour and I always look forward to reading the joke!

Farmer, Herefordshire
Stephen Brooks

There’s no substitute for Farmers Guide. I used to get a lot of magazines, but I stopped the rest and this is the only one I get now. It’s the only one I get a response from when I place adverts in the classified section.

Farmer, Warwickshire
Mark Reason

Farmers Guide is great. It’s an enjoyable book that is right up there among the very best magazines around. It covers all aspects from buying to selling and is full of useful information.

Farmer, Gloucestershire
Nick Lane

Farmers Guide really is one of the very best publications out there. I’ve now been receiving it four years and have always found the articles to be good. Whenever I advertise, I get a great response.

Farmer, Leicestershire
Stephen Hodges

I love the editorial in Farmers Guide, there are things that just don’t get covered by the other papers.

Farmer, Herefordshire
Roy Horner

I was one of the first readers to receive Farmers Guide, and I’ve treasured every single copy. It’s just brilliant. It’s the only place I’ll advertise, and I’ve never yet failed to sell something!

Farmer, Bedfordshire
Nick Farrow

Farmers Guide is one of the best books that come through. I buy and sell in it all the time, quite simply because I know I’ll always get a great response. I read it cover to cover.

Farmer, Norfolk
Brett Marshall

Farmers Guide is an excellent magazine. We find it very helpful and have bought a lot of machinery out of it down the years.

Farmer, Essex
Roger Kingsley

I really enjoy reading the interviews with my fellow farmers. There’s also always lots of handy information on farming techniques and the classified section is excellent.

Farmer, Hertfordshire
David Copsey

It’s a lovely book! I love everything about Farmers Guide, you can’t fault it. I remember my late father and I used to fight over it when it came through the door to be the first to look through it! It’s spot on – the best magazine there is.

Farmer, Essex