ASF warnings prompt supplier to release new pig essentials

As endemic diseases in cattle and pigs become a major focal point for the UK government, industry suppliers get set to efficiently support an even higher standard of farming, as laid out in Defra’s latest policy update. Online farm essentials store All Agri says it has responded by scaling up its offering for pig farming and welfare.

With the UK’s chief veterinary officer recently warning that her biggest fear is an outbreak of African swine fever, All Agri identified a clear need to ramp up supplies and availability for pig farm essentials. A combination of a potential outbreak, supply chain pressures caused by Brexit, and attention being diverted to the latest Agricultural Transition Plan made the case in point.

All Agri is a brand-new e-commerce brand that was launched in September by the international company, Elta Group. Its unique digital-first approach was designed to give farmers a break from the stress of staying on top of farm requirements.

The UK supplier is steadily growing its portfolio to meet a target of 1,000 industry-recommended product lines, having first focused its efforts on the poultry sector which was largely determined by the threat of avian flu.

Andrew Mann, head of agriculture at All Agri comments: “In many ways this year has presented a perfect storm of issues for most industries. UK pig farmers in particular have had no choice but to become more competitive over recent years.

“Now, keeping on top of business alongside fluctuating political goalposts and looming health risks means that the bare essentials, such as keeping pigs healthy and having immediate access to products via e-commerce, is vital. We are used to this buying model as consumers so it is only inevitable that industry should follow suit.”

The new pig range includes industry-leading ventilation products including fans and circulation units from All Agri’s sister company Hydor, air inlets from TPI and ventilation controllers from POLA. Key products focus on bringing fresh air into the sheds to prevent the spread of disease and protect animals from heat stress. Pigs are particularly sensitive to temperature conditions at different stages of their growth cycle, so the right environment ensures pigs display stable behaviour.

Combining over 100 years of industry experience, All Agri has been made by farming experts to offer knowledgeable, trustworthy advice, alongside extensive product ranges on one unique platform. It brings together top class products from across Elta Group’s agricultural division comprised of industry-leading brands – HydorBowden & KnightsAnimal Aids and FarmTech Services.

Andrew concludes: “All Agri prides itself on championing both animal and farmer welfare, while also having bold ambitions to make farm essentials easier and more accessible to farmers across the UK. We are hopeful that we can see a prosperous future for the UK pig industry and know that we can support it effectively with our knowledge from across the group.”

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